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10 Questions ...

... asked of Lindsay Fetters


Profession: Health-care sales at Salesforce, owner of Elite Canine Management LLC

Dog-sport involvement: I'm a second-generation breeder-owner-handler (Tradewind Vizslas). My mom, June Mann, bred Irish Setters and now Dachshunds under the Glenarrif prefix.

Hometown: Canton, Georgia

Astrological sign: Sagitarius 


1. Do you have any dog-show superstitions?

I've found there are certain armband numbers that seem to be lucky for me.


2. TV-show guilty pleasure?

“Below Deck.”


3. If you were president of AKC for one day, what would you do? 

Recognizing the AKC's mission is to promote the sport of purebred dogs while also realizing there's a need to address the safety of all involved, I'd partner with organizations in the dog community who are committed to preventing, recognizing and appropriately responding to abuses in our sport, especially where our children are involved. I have it on good authority that said organization is in the works — stay tuned!

I'd also designate one weekend a quarter without AKC events to give all — dogs and people — time to recharge. 


4. Most valued material possession?

I'm more sentimental than materialistic. If my house were on fire, I'd grab the collection of art/photos my nieces and nephews have made and the Vizsla jewelry given to me by a dear friend/mentor, Betty Rozanek.


5. What is something no one would guess about you?

I have trained and placed more than 120 service dogs with children and adults who have physical disabilities, epilepsy and other special needs. I also love to sail in the British Virgin Islands, and I'm OBSESSED with the Iditarod.  


6. Who would you compare yourself to?

I'm not one to compare myself to anyone, but there are those I've looked up to who I try to emulate. Penny Nunnally (Scarlly Irish Setters) was a huge influence on my life. She was strong in her convictions and made dog shows fun for my mom and me. She had a great eye for dogs and knew how to breed great ones. Like Penny, I try to be a student of the sport and my breed, learning what I can to make each generation I produce better pets and representatives of the breed.


7. What are you “famous” for?

Most likely working to establish an initiative that unites fanciers for positive change in our community through the founding of Show Safe. Outside of our dog community, being "Aunt Dizzy" and absolutely spoiling my nine nieces and nephews … and then dropping them off with their parents full of sugar! 


8. What website do you visit most often? — an amazing resource our breed is fortunate to have.


9. What was more memorable, your most satisfying win or disappointing defeat? And what was it?

The only reason a defeat should ever get a second thought is for motivation to learn/improve. My most memorable wins are around recognition at our Vizsla national specialties. Taking the cake was handling my Bred-by 11.5-year-old "Eli" to Best of Breed at the 2021 Vizsla National under breeder-judge Alessandra Folz. I wasn't sure I would ever have the opportunity to show him again, as he was a two-time cancer survivor. I promised we'd only show if he were up to it, and the morning of Veteran Dog judging, he carried his show bag around the hotel room, barking and generally being the biggest pest about GOING — it was almost like he thought I was going to ruin his opportunity to shine once more! He had the heart of a lion and never, ever let down. His son, GCHP Tradewind's Ida Bomb JH, who I also bred, won the national in 2019. In 2022, my next generation, “Will” (GCHS Tradewind's Beecause I Can JH), won Winners Dog from the Bred-by puppy class. Having bred three generations of winners at national specialties is one of my most cherished accomplishments in dog sports. 


10. What do you wish someone would ask you?

"I've got frozen semen stored on several influential sires from the past — can I sign it over to you?"



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