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10 Questions ...

... asked of Robert Vandiver

Profession: Retired manager of design engineering and construction of very large industrial projects

Dog-sport involvement: Breeder, owner-handler, judge

Hometown: Alice, Texas

Astrological sign: Sagittarius


1. Do you have any dog-show superstitions?  

Armband number 64 was lucky for me.


2. TV-show guilty pleasure?

Most police/court dramas.


3. If you were president of AKC for one day, what would you do?  

I’ll pass on this, because nothing meaningful could be done in one day.


4. Most valued material possession?

Our new home.


5. What is something no one would guess about you?

That we lived in Brazil for 1½ years and Holland for 2½ years.


6. Who would you compare yourself to?

I don’t compare myself to others, but rather to what I would like to be. It’s a constant struggle.


7. What are you “famous” for?

Having the most mispronounced name in the dog sport. Many people pronounce it as if it’s two words, Van Diver. It’s not. It’s one word and rhymes with “river.”


8. What website do you visit most often? because Google Knows Everything!


9. What was more memorable, your most satisfying win or disappointing defeat? And what was it?

My most memorable was winning my first points with my first homebred Doberman in the early 1970s. At the time it took 48 bitches for a three-point major. That first win was five points with 60 bitches competing.  Most Dobermans at the time were handled by professionals.


10. What do you wish someone would ask you?

“How do you pronounce your last name?”



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