64 GCH CH Nuphar's Bonus Points CM3 (M)
L Woodward/L Vogt-Kinsey
33 CH Hickory Tavern Wish Upon A Star CM FDC DS DJ (F)
J Mcmaster Descutner
32 Cahal Biscay's Dapper Citrine (M)
P Ballak/M Hessey
30 CH Treebeard's Open The Pod Doors (M)
J Black Evans
10 CH Ginkgo De Ellis Lexington CM2 BN RI CGC TKN (F)
S Able/S Rohr
6 Ginkgo De Allora Roseville (F)
S Able/A Tate
6 CH Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM (F)
J Mcmaster Descutner
4 Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry CM (M)
D Forte/S Forte/J Mcmaster Descutner
3 Astartes The Fender Bassman (M)
R Gardner/E Gardner
3 Ginkgo De Isis Fiona CM2 CGC TKN (F)
B Gresham/S Able
3 CH Ginkgo De Zora Petra (F)
S Able
3 Wulymut's Opera (F)
H Kenyon/L Selman/M Selman

295 GCHP2 CH Dream Hi's Don'T Hate The Player Hate (M)
T Rickard/L Rickard/K Rickard/T Crady
126 GCHB CH Dream Hi's Rsvp Whooz In JH (M)
T Hilliard/K Rickard
97 GCHS CH Dogwood Hollow Flashstorm JH CA (M)
J Burlingame/A Burlingame/C Mika
90 GCHG CH Frontier's A Fist Full Of Dollars (M)
D Trezise/R Leale
74 GCHB CH Hope's Copper Pennie (F)
D Tighe
42 GCHG CH Tail'Z End Turbo Power From Dual Lane'S (M)
P Giebel/S Giebel/A Stellwag
31 GCHP CH Labyrinth Nmr Champagne Delight (M)
C Lawrence/M Lawrence/K Hanson
30 CH Blue Sapphire Kiss Me All Over Kate JH (F)
A Mustion
25 GCH CH Tail'Z End As Luck Would Have It (F)
D Reed/R Leale/M Quintero
24 GCH CH Brigadier's Lightning Strikes All Around (F)
M Lee/J Lee/B Rosener

Lagotti Romagnoli
65 GCHB CH Rozebottel's Mumm De Mumm (F)
D Planche/K Van Gemert
54 GCH CH Boardwalk Rewrite The Stars (F)
M Amis/L Amis/K Walters
35 GCHB CH Larcan's Meyer Made Lemonade RN CGC (M)
C Pitta
30 CH Solipse Ti Amo Lucrezia (F)
T Harris
26 GCHS CH Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Negroni Sbagliato (M)
B Aguillard/M Benelli/S Lopez
25 GCH CH Kan Trace The Lightning Strike (M)
R Donnelly/S Zdunic Sinkovic
19 GCH CH Kan Trace Victoria CGC TKN (F)
E Randall
12 GCH CH Boardwalk Million Dreams (F)
K Walters
8 CH Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Yelina Salas (F)
M Nelson
6 Villeokus Albertino Di Federico (M)
C Sangvik

Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes
76 GCH CH Harley De Hemert CGC TKA (M)
Y Bravo
40 CH Waterbound Making Waves CGC (M)
S Fuller
31 GCHS CH Ambermoon Return Of The Jedi BN RN (M)
A Kimmeth/K Kimmeth
10 GCHB CH Waterbound Everything Harvey Vd Golden (M)
M Valter/S Fuller/L Brady
9 CH Haylee De Hemert BCAT CGC TKN (F)
C Carroll/A Knoop
7 GCHB CH Island St Lucia Iz Grafstva De Gamba FDC (F)
K Kimmeth/A Kimmeth
6 CH Iron Wild With Delight (M)
S Yamada
6 CH Waterbound First Pitch To Lambent (M)
S Gilmore
5 GCH CH Ambermoon Vonlin Whisper In The Dark (F)
A Kimmeth/L Culpepper
3 GCH CH PACH Bree Lynn Van Crystalkooi AX MXJ (F)
C Short/S Martin

136 GCHS CH Seasyde Play Misty For Me With (F)
C Pinkston/H Medeiros/L Fitzgerald
51 GCHS CH Chesterhope Best-Of-T-Best (M)
D Ying/F Ying
36 GCH CH Solivia's Decisions, Decisions (F)
D Brown/K Brown/T Bradley/A Cullen-Tormey/J
34 GCHB CH Solivia's Whatever Thy Soul Lusteth After (F)
A Adam/P Lyster
29 GCH CH Creeksyde's Fire In My Soul (M)
G Griffin/J Walton/K Rath
23 GCH CH Tahari N Clear Creeks Seriously Pressed For (M)
F Depaulo/L Cayton
21 GCH CH Solivia's Defining Moment At Playlist (M)
K Lourier/S Lourier/P Lourier
18 GCHS CH Brackenmoor Somethingroyal JH (F)
J Pullan
14 CH Bookstor Queen's Lady MH (F)
K Spey/H Spey/Y Thomas/P Benson
11 CH Tahari N Clearcreek's Highway Patrolman (M)
J Rutherford/F Depaulo
11 GCH CH Southern Malmason Fowl Play (M)
K Conn/T Mcdonnell/S Holmes
11 CH Bookstor Fabello Yankee Clipper JH (M)
K Spey/H Spey/A Oldfield

Pointers (German Shorthaired)
206 GCHS CH Coldwater's Big Shoes To Fill CGC TKN (M)
K Abbott
194 GCHG CH Vjk-Myst Big Easy (M)
M Ulrich/K Mcgregor
119 GCH CH Ehrenvogel Guns Blazing (M)
D Meier
106 GCHB CH Kan-Point's Flashback (F)
R Stanley/R Stanley/L Coonrod
106 GCHG CH Diadem's Mr Secret Agent Man JH (M)
T Horn/S Maks/K Combs
91 GCH CH Legacyk Pretty Woman On Rodeo Drive (F)
L Nicholas/N Koutstaal
89 GCHG CH Parador Sinnadar (F)
J Atkinson
79 GCHB CH Rose Mountain's Pink Legacy TKN (M)
T Cessna/M Hungerford/B Van Blarcum
78 GCHS CH Markann-N-Kk's Little By Little Eric Of (M)
K Jeglum/K Kohlmeyer
74 GCHB CH Diadem Show Me The Money At Whiteoak (F)
J Murphy/E Murphy/M Porfido/S Maks

Pointers (German Wirehaired)
84 GCHG CH Willamette's Rites Of Passage (F)
L Popescu/O Popescu
43 GCHB CH Wirewick Make Mine A Double (M)
R Wickes/M Hancock
21 GCHG CH Cando Wireworks Intrepid Sidekick (M)
A Milowski/B Turner/B Watkins
17 GCHB CH Rnr Heywire Impact Sweet Dream (F)
K Hatton/E Reifscheider
14 GCHS CH Hilltop N Hawkhaven's Hawkeye (M)
B Stroh/P Paduch
14 GCHB CH Double D Reece Love'N Life At Rnr RA JH (M)
J Yanish/E Yanish/R Donohue/D Donohue
14 GCHB CH Reece Ripsnorter Return Of The King (M)
S Herman/L Lucin
12 GCH CH Doubled'Sreecelookout Winds Of Change At (F)
J Kim/D Donohue
7 GCH CH Heywire N Deep Harbor Love That Dirty (F)
L Friess/J Jacobs/B Brawn
6 Rnr Impact N Heywire Walk On The Wilde Side (M)
E Reifschneider
6 CH Lookouts Eye'Ma Wittle Prank Star (M)
S Crawford/D Crawford
6 CH Double D's Nottoway Achy Breaky Heart At (M)
J Herzon/D Donohue/V Barrera

Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay)
98 GCHG CH Sandbar's Hardcore Hank MH (M)
D Baker/A Levy/A Barouche
84 GCHP CH Waylands Wild Cherry Lifesaver BN RN CA (F)
V Vollmers
79 GCH CH Mountainsides Shining Star Of Baja (M)
B Daniels/C Daniels
61 GCHB CH Valhallas Commander-In-Chief (M)
C Kling/L Bergstraser/L Chase
42 GCHG CH Takemehome Ship To Shore (M)
C Duke
42 GCHS CH Chesabar's What You Do In Between (F)
R Barber/J O'Dell/J O'Dell
40 GCH CH Rippling Waters Brown Bart JH (M)
K Luthy/A Luthy
36 GCHB CH Pond Hollow Blue Ridge Rebel (M)
C Larson
24 GCHS CH Quail Ridge's Lock And Load (M)
B Spinola
19 GCHB CH Dut-Chesse Spark Of Susqudilla UD BN RA (M)
J Conroy/R Conroy

Retrievers (Curly-Coated)
80 GCHS CH Kurly Kreek Copperhead Road DJ DN (M)
M Shifflett/S Shifflett
28 GCH CH Riverwatch Blazin Hot Mac And Cheese CGC (M)
R Knoll/R Knoll/M Meek
18 GCH CH Riverwatch Do You Believe In Majic CA (F)
M Meek/G Meek
12 GCHB CH Podunk's Call Of The Canyon JH OA NAJ (F)
R Thompson/M Thompson/S Shull
10 GCHS CH Sun Devil King Of The Crossroads (M)
R Nelson/S Davis
9 GCH CH Kurly Kreek Bushels Of Fun Boyerie (F)
G Cooper/Y Cooper/M Shifflett/S Shifflett
9 GCH CH Sun Devil This Is Halloween JH (M)
T Schnulle/K Schnulle/G Kofron/J Kofron
8 CH Raising C3 To The Highest Heights (M)
J Collins
8 GCH CH Gorchest's Village High Priestess (F)
L Walton/W Reed
6 GCH CH 4eyesonly Askari JH (F)
K Swarztrauber

Retrievers (Flat-Coated)
298 GCHG CH Artic Sun's Pursuing The Dream JH (M)
D Brown/S Brown/J Mueller
115 GCHG CH Windy Hill Royal Darling JH (F)
R Rickert/S Rickert/S Muer/M White/L Selof/A Lloyd
95 GCH CH Ironwood Be Quick Or Be Dead RN JH CA DS (F)
M Morrison
95 GCHB CH Gamekeepers Sir Mickey JH (M)
S Lutz
68 GCHG CH Argon's Percival Proctor Baxter CGC (M)
L Marsters
62 GCHG CH Beacon's God Of Thunder DJ (M)
C Zelbst/C Zelbst/T Knox
40 GCH CH Beachcliff Lenni-Riddle Milles Tweenus JH (M)
D Edwards/M Rendich/C Vernon
35 CH Shannara's Liberty And Independence (F)
J Nadeau/M Heikes/T Spires/W Heikes
32 GCHB CH Wingmaster Splendid Prince Hairy JH CGC (M)
J Prince/E Moores/B Moores
31 GCHG CH Blacfriar Bartholomew Cubbins CD BN GN (M)
R Grimm/R Hill
31 GCH CH Indulgent Purple Haze (M)
V Koontz/J Koontz

Retrievers (Golden)
388 GCHS CH Jetoca's Twistin' The Night Away (M)
J Caruthers/D Nelson/J Zingula/J Rosenkoetter
348 GCHB CH Lakesydes Dancing In My Underwear At (F)
L Schultz
337 GCHB CH Goldrox Sunnydreams Fire Starter (M)
M Roxby/C Roxby
304 GCHS CH Aspenglo Betty Davis Eyes (F)
C Rogers/B Schultz/T Schultz
289 GCH CH Razzle's The Devil Made Me Do It (M)
C Meddaugh/T Struble
254 GCHB CH Questan's Regeneraceshun BN RI RATN (M)
J Wangelin
247 GCHB CH Teddybear's Designer Hayley Paige (F)
K Johnson-Siegle/B Cohen/N Ryan
211 GCH CH Cbear's Spot On At Devanley (M)
A Segedi/R Gordon/J Segedi/J Hoffmann
202 GCHG CH Nautilus Law And Order (F)
J Mackinnon
194 GCH CH Prism's All About That Rock, No Pebble (M)
T Ford

Retrievers (Labrador)
724 GCHB CH Belquest Conclusion No Limit Poker (M)
V Creamer/M Creamer/K Creamer-Allison/K Beal
503 GCHS CH Firewater's Vacation From Bella Mare (F)
L Bostwick
346 GCH CH Zinfndel's Boom Boom Pow (F)
G Saldana/J Saldana
320 GCHP CH Everso's Toein' The Line JH (M)
M Henricks/M Mossman
311 CH Candyviews From Here To The Moon And Back (M)
L Dickenson/M Dickenson
266 GCHS CH Sapelo Slugger (M)
H Hector/M Hector/A Chalmers
183 GCHS CH Chambrays Tank'D On The Boulevard (M)
Y Munoz/C Ceballos/J Herzon/J Herzon
178 GCH CH Loretta Labs Andy Warhol (Trujillo/Guerrero) (M)
S Aragon/J Carbonell
174 GCHG CH Barton Creeks Night Moves (M)
K Hancock
159 GCH CH Ghoststone's Black Label (M)
J Chambers/S Chambers

Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
158 GCHB CH Foxvale's Fire Fly PCD BN RE OJP NFP (M)
B Dorman/D Smith/D Gibbs/S Einck-Paul
69 CH Tollchester's Mauvais Garcon (M)
S Sortwell
52 GCHS CH Brynwood's Have A Field Day NA NAJ WC (M)
S Cassens
40 GCH CH Tollerpride Decoy N Doubleshot (F)
G Moore/J Gordon/H Gordon
34 GCH CH Avalon's Bring Mia'Nother One (F)
A Lewis/B Nelson Pollock/J Nelson
32 GCHB CH Tsillan's Heartbreaker At Parkwood (M)
V Anderson/L Smith/P Sage/A Sage/M Gearhart/W
26 GCHS CH Dochara's Son Of A Gun CD RN JH (M)
W Shumway/R Harrold
25 CH Chimay All Hands On Deck At Foxbrooke (M)
K Lawless/C Vanover/T Donay
22 GCHB CH Redmoon's Change Of Heart RN CA BCAT (M)
A Forde/K Schultze
20 CH Whymark's Careful Step (M)
D Lundberg/L Fitzmaurice

Setters (English)
531 GCHG CH Wingfield 'N Chebaco Here And Now (F)
P Coller/D Coller/E Hackett
169 GCHB CH Wingfield 'N Chebaco Bucket List (M)
C Hodges/S Mcgraw/E Hackett/R Barnes
74 GCH CH Ciara N' Honeygait Belle Of The Ball (F)
V Jacobsen/L Afdahl/A Ciaravino/V Ciaravino
67 GCHG CH Santan That Kiss You Remember (M)
L Reynolds/J Cahill/C Cahill
48 GCHB CH Sea Island's Wrapped Up In Magic (M)
F Neal/S Kuniansky
24 GCHS CH Camellia Love Is Here To Stay (F)
L Whorff/C Whorff/J Whorff
23 GCH CH Endeavor's Time To Be At Trefoil JH SCN (M)
G Ryan/G Mccarthy
21 GCH CH Set'R Ridge's Exculsive Dream (M)
M Hunt/M Newman
20 GCH CH Kelyric Trouble In Paradise (F)
K Kennedy/L Matter
16 GCHP CH Winchester's Made My Day (M)
C Hodges/J Bazan/R Barnes

Setters (Gordon)
173 GCHS CH Bran Linn Amulet (F)
N Maounis/J Bell/C Bell/S Nordstrom
56 GCHS CH Pointsetter Tri-Sett After Midnight (M)
A Johnson-Edwards/K Gatchell/C Edwards
51 GCHG CH Hollyhunt Not By Chance (M)
K Stout/M Hunsinger/C Hunsinger
51 GCHG CH Saranac Tipsy Laird (M)
E Fisher/W Fisher
48 GCHP CH Hotchkiss Amberlove Back To Nature (M)
L Ward/T Ward
28 GCH CH Triseter Celtic Player MH (M)
A Sutherland/E Joseph/J Moore
21 GCH CH Shaker Trees Santana (M)
V Powell
21 GCH CH Relativity Boldly Go (M)
S Nelson/D Paquette
16 GCHS CH Mardebri's Pixie Dust In The Wind JH CA (M)
R Jacobson/P Jacobson/D Bjerkestrand
15 GCH CH Triseter Celtic Usher (M)
R Albrecht/E Joseph

Setters (Irish Red and White)
48 GCHB CH Classic Affinity Knock Three Times (M)
D Turner
23 CH Truly Never Enough ACT1 (M)
R Weidman/T Weidman
21 GCH CH Aislingcudo Is Brosna Ciarrai (M)
T Ciesla/P Ua Siaghail/A Ua Siaghail
16 GCHS CH Killary's Grand Getaway CGC TKN (M)
D Griese/D Griese
15 GCH CH Solarsnow Light My Fire (M)
H Mitchell
15 GCHB CH Truly One Of A Kind (F)
W Bockman/L Bockman/R Bockman/L Lang
5 GCHS CH Laurel Oak Santana Heart Of Red Rocks JH (M)
A Lonardi/S Lonardi
4 GCH CH Laurel Oak High Hope BN RI OAP NJP OFP (M)
M Hohman/J Baumgartner
3 Deep Vu Unnecessary Roughness RN (M)
L Moore/B Flowers
2 GCH CH Waidman's Derrygally Forever In Blue Jeans (M)
A Wilson/B Steinheimer
2 CH Nyastar's Secret Weapon CGC (M)
K Miller/C O'Callaghan/A O'Callaghan
2 CH Munroc Innismore At Shaker Hill AXP AJP (F)
D Welling/J Cottrill/R Cornum/C Mika

Setters (Irish)
200 GCHB CH Roclyn Brew Ha Ha (M)
C Stanford/N Slohin
114 GCHS CH Lunn's Zippity Doo Dah (M)
K Musil
99 GCHG CH Erinfyr Winter Classic CGC (M)
M Lamphier/J Lamphier
98 GCHG CH Sweetwood's Knave Of Hearts (M)
M Foote/B Foote
84 GCHS CH Seafarer's Hilo Hattie (F)
E Clay/J Clay/A Clay
72 GCHS CH Conamara Simply A Superstar (F)
K Carroll/K Carroll/K Grayson/R Kibbee
55 GCHP CH Militza's My Cherie Amour (F)
T Mcneal/R Mcneal/K Wall/J Fisher
53 GCHP CH Mi Jean's You Mad Bro? (M)
J Johnson/J Holmberg/J Holmberg/S Shuman
46 CH Vermilion's A Wanted Man (M)
B Foote/M Foote/S Norstrom
38 GCH CH Vabrill Tabi Vermilion (Czarnecki) (M)
B Foote/M Foote

Spaniels (American Water)
9 CH Beavercreek's Waterway River Crossing (M)
P St. Onge/L Hattrem/L Thorsness
8 CH Beavercreek's Take A Chance On Me (F)
L Mcgrath/L Thorsness/H Pemble
6 Little Brownie's Sky Full Of Stars (F)
S Siok/C Siok
3 GCHB CH Carolina's Tale Of The Hare RA SH MHR (F)
L Mccracken
3 CH Waterways Gamecreek Torvald SH CGC TKN (M)
M Dismer/L Hattrem
3 CH Turtlecreek's Low Morals No Mann'Rs (M)
R Tebbens
2 Kei-Rin's Etta Place (F)
P Kozak/C Douglas
2 Mann'rs Sitn On The Dock At Arroyo JHR (M)
Arroyo Knl
2 CH Beavercreek's Master Of Illusion RATO (M)
L Mcgrath/L Thorsness/H Pemble/S Bjugan
1 Carolina's Little Bonnie Foo Foo (F)
L Mccracken

Spaniels (Boykin)
39 GCHS CH Yr Amarillo By Morning CGC (M)
M Machala/J Machala/G Hurley
13 CH Thornhill's Amberfield Surf's Up DJ (M)
A Crocker/L Kern
9 GCHB CH Yr Lagniappe Down In The Boondocks RN (M)
M Rawls/J Rawls/M Machala
9 CH Texas Trace Cooper (M)
M Mcmahon/G Hurley/R Copeland
9 GCH CH Larley's Rolling With The Tide (F)
S Anderson
8 GCHS CH Top Gun Lone Wolf (M)
R Baebler/J De Angelo
1 CH RACH Larley's Luke Skywalker CDX PCD BN RM3 (M)
S Riegerix/P Stevens Knudsen
1 CH Holy City's Nightly Wheeping Whisper CD BN RE (F)
S Riegerix

Spaniels (Clumber)
65 GCHS CH Clussexx Another Day In Paradise (M)
J Hickey
46 GCHB CH Rainsway & Cajun's Reese's Pieces CGC ATT (M)
R Moss/D Moss/P Holman/M Cole
24 GCH CH Moonrysn's Doheny Beach JH (F)
J Wickwire/J Sutherland/R Wickwire/L Wickwire
24 GCH CH Pinkletink's Edgartown Light (M)
M Leland/S Leland
23 CH Cupric's A Beautiful Mind (M)
A Cleary/V Robertshaw
23 GCH CH Tricklecreek Risky Business (M)
K Thomasson/S Grabill
19 GCH CH Clussexx Sargeant Major (M)
D Johnson/J Hubbard
19 GCH CH Anomar Moonrysn Malibu Beach (M)
J Hutchins/J Sutherland
18 CH Brabus Sofi's Fairy-Tail (M)
G Wozniak
18 GCHB CH Cajun & Rainsway's Razzle Dazzle (M)
P Holman/M Cole/R Moss/D Moss

Spaniels (Cocker) ASCOB
132 GCHG CH Foley's Frat Party CGC (M)
N Foley/S Carter/E Duggan
114 GCHB CH Inquest Leo Messi (M)
I Nogueras/P Nogueras
33 GCHG CH Shanajen's Like A Rock (M)
C Erbe/J Legath
30 GCHB CH Lydgate Living On The Edge (M)
J Bruce
17 GCH CH Twilights She's Oh So Striking (F)
D Prock
14 GCHB CH Showtime Goldwyn My Dan D Dog (M)
D Harris/C Harris
13 GCH CH Kazuyo Queen Jp Lapis Lazuli (M)
Y Nakao
11 CH Laurent Ashwood Starquest Punchline (M)
L Heidrich/G Jones/B Cornish
10 CH Jam's Great Escape (F)
J Masson/J Turner-Hayes/M Stiff
9 GCHS CH Be-Fit's Ice Dancer (F)
C Thompson/D Christian/A Jeglum/K Kohlmeyer

Spaniels (Cocker) Black
143 GCHG CH Xotica N Bib N" Tux One Shining Moment" (M)
B Warren
70 GCH CH Silver Pine Just In Time For Stich (M)
A Stich
42 GCHB CH Rejoices Raising A Ruckus (F)
J Stevens
36 GCHS CH Aladdin's Twist Of Fate Tastic (M)
R Halbreich
32 GCHG CH D&D Hill Country's Black, Inc (M)
D Lindner
31 GCHS CH Ania's Celebrity Profile (M)
A Bak/S Bak
29 GCHG CH Conquest's Maze Runner (M)
M Torres-Young
28 GCH CH Ebs Excusez-Moi (F)
M Clark/E Staso
27 GCHG CH Sovran's La Rejouissance (F)
A Santos/M Buckley
22 GCHS CH Keryer's Purple Rain (M)
E Kehoe/R Kehoe

Spaniels (Cocker) Parti
172 GCHB CH Very Vigie Nobody Is Perfect (M)
S Kaul/E Charles/R Beinhauer/D Close/J Cavallin/S
57 GCHS CH Shalybon I'M The Captain Now (M)
L Mclean/B Mclean/T Swanda
42 GCHS CH Hoods Rock N My Genes (M)
J Hood/D Sutliff
29 GCHB CH Lomapoint She Does It For Money (F)
L Tarantino/M Santos
21 CH Tri-Pod's I'Ll Have Another (M)
D Podratz
21 GCHB CH My-Ida-Ho Remarkable (M)
S Gerling
17 CH Tri-Pod's Justified (M)
D Podratz
17 GCHB CH Stand Alone's All Fired Up (M)
H Difrancesco/P Difrancesco
17 CH Rockin T's And Gold-Coast Liberty Call (F)
J Boone
16 GCHB CH Pbj's Lightning Thief (M)
S Mandas/B Pruitt

Spaniels (English Cocker)
252 GCHG CH Foxwoods Ivywood All Hallows Eve (F)
K Lyons/D Mauterer
130 GCHG CH K'Mander Dawnglow Arnage (M)
K Anderson/N Atkins/E Atkins/E Neff
68 GCHS CH Majestic Sweet Apple Keeping The Dream (M)
K Belter/D Belter/N Sweet
64 GCHB CH Mi Jean's A Piece Of Heaven (M)
J Holmberg-Baggenstos/J Johnson/J Holmberg
57 GCH CH Downonda Farm's Party Amimal (M)
C Shaffer
57 GCHB CH Lynann's Keeper Of The Flame (M)
L Gall/P Morgan/R Gall Sr.
45 GCH CH Ridgebury Have U Ever Seen The Rain (F)
P Mckay
42 GCHS CH Jolyn N Indigo's Gold Dust (M)
E Matuk/L Bettles/L Dobbins/C Bono
42 GCH CH Dawnglow For Your Eyes Only (M)
R Vanier/S Laflamme
40 GCH CH Rockback's Dark Affair (F)
C Litwin

Spaniels (English Springer)
413 GCHG CH Cerise Bonanza (M)
D Cherry
260 GCHG CH Wynmoor Interstellar (M)
E Kerfoot/J Hayes/P Peterson/C Vose/R Parchman/T
103 GCHP CH Brightwater Gilchrist Dreaming Out Loud (M)
C Racey/N Siver
86 GCH CH Dalsland Kytra Crossroad If I Could Turn Back (M)
S Greene/E Jesseman
76 GCHG CH Legacy Oak Emperor (M)
R Mockoviak/S Mockoviak/K Fitzgerald
61 GCH CH Telltale Kinky Boots (F)
C Florence/R Novack/B Fink
56 GCH CH Journey Dartek Eldamar Tweet About It (F)
K Bullard/T Viker/J Roberts/D Paladichuk
56 GCH CH Dalsland N Kytra's Frozen In Time (F)
A Lafernier/D Lodge/S Shore
54 GCHG CH Wynmoor Sweetgrass White Diamonds (F)
E Kerfoot/B Kerfoot/A Smith/R Gatlin
42 GCHG CH Emmawood's Changes In Latitudes (M)
G Rhodes/J Rhodes

Spaniels (Field)
56 GCHG CH Northaven Sandscape Chances Are (M)
S Stebbins/N Dooley Bunch
30 GCHG CH Sandscape Who's That Girl (F)
J Constance/J Constance/N Dooley Bunch/G Perry
19 GCH CH Nautica's Book 'Em At High Tide BN RI NA (M)
C Mounts/D Brewer
17 GCH CH Nautica's Good Time At Inspiration TKN (M)
P Gault/D Brewer
15 GCHB CH Nautica's If The Shoe Fits @ Arietta BCAT (F)
K Angoli/A Angoli/D Brewer/K Mastronardi
15 GCHS CH Pemberley's Night Prowler CD BN RE OA (M)
D Stover/M Marshall
14 GCHB CH Nautica's Ob La Di Ob La Da OF BCAT DS (M)
A Angoli/D Brewer/K Mastronardi
12 GCHB CH Killara Trio Love You To The Moon & Back (M)
L Livingston/K Balinski/C Livingston
12 GCH CH Killara's Dark Glory Is All Moonshine CGCA (M)
T Prather/J Thibault/J Green
11 GCHS CH Nautica's Like No Other (M)
J Thibault/D Brewer

Spaniels (Irish Water)
38 GCHB CH Poole's Ide Say No More CD RN CGC (F)
H Loonsk/G Siner/B Urban
16 GCH CH Brekkon's First Mark CGC (M)
R Brooks/M Bryant
16 CH Tara's I'Ve Got The Magic In Me (M)
T Darling-Lyon
12 GCH CH Flintcrest Five Star General (M)
S Duncan/C Shelby
8 CH Poole's Ide Sargeant Sloane NA NAJ (M)
S O'Reilly/G Singer
8 Coomara Ogha O'Bobn At Beltane BN RN RATN CGC (F)
L Newton
4 Crispin's Whiskey Promise, East Texas Good O'Boy CA (M)
L Wright/S Wright
3 Whistle Stop Wynner Takes All (F)
S Thistle-Miller
2 CH Realta Let It Rain At Cuchulain (F)
T Ufkes/H Gervais
1 Flintcrest Going All In @ Whistlestop (F)
E Fogg/M Evans
1 Landacre's Nordic Warrior Princess BCAT DJ CGC TKN (F)
M Mcmunn

Spaniels (Sussex)
16 GCHB CH Maritime Job Is Done Walk Away (M)
B Launder/T Launder
15 GCH CH Bozley Wiggins Of York (M)
L Silensky
15 GCH CH Labry Berry Depech Mode CGCA TKN (M)
K Tuttle
12 GCH CH Remedi's Moulin Rouge At Perfetto (F)
T Smyth/A Shaffer/D Peters
9 GCH CH Kamand Arundel Train Wreck @ Tara (M)
K Toner/A Toner
9 CH Twelve Gates Like A Precious Stone (M)
R Valenzano/C Valenzano
7 CH Ziyadah Virginia Gentleman (M)
M Deugan
6 GCHB CH Tara's N Primetime Dark Star Imperial Stout (F)
T Darling-Lyon/K Cottingham
6 CH Remedi's Double Shot Over Ice @ Fastrax (M)
C Drake
5 Lexxfield Tansley (F)
J Lewis/J Thomas

Spaniels (Welsh Springer)
115 GCH CH Royailes Pinkerton (M)
N Carlton/G Carlton/S Burgess/A Carlton
108 GCHG CH Farhill's Pride And Prejudice (M)
M Hilliard
70 GCHB CH Welford's Jesmond Waterfall (M)
C Sorensen/U Pettersson/M Helms/P Gilson/Statesman
39 GCHB CH Clussexx Got The Go Ahead From (F)
E Miller/D Johnson/J Hubbard
36 GCHG CH Clussexx Step Right Up (M)
S Blau/M Curtis
28 GCHG CH Hartsage Red Velvet (F)
E Hartelius
22 CH Trystyn's Private Label (M)
M Johnson
18 CH Middlebrook Starters Line AX AXJ XF CGC TKN (M)
I Vonderahe/R Keltos
15 GCH CH Mystic Acres At Camden Yards (M)
S Merriken/K Vooris
14 GCHS CH Clussexx Trouble Never Takes A Holiday (M)
J Haverick/K Gonzalez

Spinoni Italiani
40 GCH CH Collina D'Oro Solo Un Bacio (F)
C Wisch- Abraham/S Belt/L Reeves
30 GCHG CH Spinfandel The Force Is Strong CGC (M)
E Bergenheier
30 GCHB CH Venticalmi Pepper Bridge CGCU (M)
S Hudson
25 GCH CH Affilato Oliver Twist (M)
S Ruth
18 GCH CH Italix Georgiana (F)
S Hudson
15 GCHS CH Camkota Nobody Does It Better CGC (M)
A Gabler/P Gabler/E Bernecker
13 CH Vasco (M)
T Turner/P Beaver
11 GCHB CH Quattro Zampe Cosabella (F)
T Turner/K West/P Beaver
11 GCHB CH Spinsetters Rose Amongst The Thorns By (F)
P Brusk/J Brusk
11 CH Dry Grass Condurre Con Il Mio Cuore (M)
R Van Ess/D Forry

440 GCHP CH Tradewind's Ida Bomb JH CA (M)
M Bickley/F Bickley/I Kavafian
240 GCHG CH Solaris Playing Like Nobody's Business BN (M)
S Robbins/J Robbins/B Kirven
227 GCHG CH Firelight Citius Altius Fortius At Trublu (M)
L Medley/M Porfido/K Beckwith
112 GCHG CH Pagliacci Kizmar Wicked Suspense At (M)
K Carnahan/S Carnahan
93 GCH CH Renaissance Good To The Last Drop (F)
L Durham
89 GCH CH What A View's Fashionista (F)
A Duncan/M Porfido-Delucia/A Mitts
88 GCH CH Rhapsody Tales Of Suspense BN CGCA (F)
M Paul/M Porfido
83 GCH CH Renaissance Red Diamond Party Fever (M)
J Coen-Kotechi/M Rochester
62 GCHS CH Cruiser's Got The Moves Like Jagger BN RN (M)
J Kast/J Hoffbeck
51 GCHB CH Pagliacci Kizmar Western Winds R Agust Us (M)
T Walden/P Hussa/R Yaroch/S Stafford

215 GCHP CH Silhouette's Spellbound (M)
C Cassidy
125 GCHB CH Jewel's Mystic Raven (F)
J Perez
108 GCHB CH Silverbay's Born This Way! CGC TKI (M)
R Harper-Gardea/M Gardea
108 GCHB CH Luxe The Grand Illusion JH (M)
J Aune
53 GCH CH Simpatico Journey Of Thrills (M)
B Rosenberg Md/J Rosenberg
50 GCHB CH Edgefield's Now You See Me Now You Don'T (F)
R Thomas/P Boyce
44 GCHB CH Winweim Koping Tbird V Nani (M)
D Massey/B Massey/P Kopec
40 GCH CH Tripawd N' Mtn Homes She's Rockin It In (F)
D Lampers/R Lampers/M Wilson
38 GCHB CH Moonstone's Silver Bullet Explorer CGC TKP (M)
C Harner/B Cook
33 GCHB CH Camelot's Zebulon Herne CD BN SH (M)
G Leitkowski
33 GCHP CH Silhouette's Showstopper (F)
J Rosenberg/B Rosenberg/C Cassidy

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
65 GCHG CH Whiskeytown Captain Morgan Cranberry (F)
K Woods/T Libertore/L Delaney
55 GCHG CH Whiskeytown Stonehenge Riding Shotgun JH (M)
K De Santo/K Desanto
51 GCHB CH Capstones Diamond Roonaghofflatbrook JH (F)
D Quinn
33 GCHG CH Southern Flash's Cloud Runner (M)
K Cate/B Cate
30 GCHB CH Glacier's Star Spangled (F)
C Wood/G Wood/L Durand
26 GCHG CH Whiskeytown Genesee On Tap MH (F)
L Delaney
18 Seven Fields To Stonehenge-Ryder's Lady Sadie (F)
D Conner-Wood
15 Brazen Point's Ruger Upland Explorer (M)
P Cariera/R Lent/T Cariera
14 GCHB CH Glacier Frontier Summer Better Than (M)
S Osgood/L Durand
14 GCHG CH Supreme Point's Diamonds Are Forever JH (F)
R Carter/J Carter

Wirehaired Vizslas
22 GCHS CH Lascard De La Lande De Bourberouge FDC (M)
C Daniel
14 GCH CH Gonegos Wrong Way Ticket (M)
L Tobey
5 CH Zoldmali Red Head JH CGC (M)
S Kimmerle/C Anderson
5 Zoldmali Java (F)
C Hansen/Z Miczek
2 CH Vizcaya's Cordon Del Azufre (M)
N Edmunds
2 GCH CH Zoldmali Kongo (M)
C Traub
1 Loroka's Minuet (F)
S Fimmen/K Lormis
1 Loroka's Revving It Up (M)
K Lormis/R Lormis