From the Westminster Show Chairman to our Exhibitors:

The 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is fast approaching, and our Dog Show Committee and Staff are busy putting the finishing touches on what we believe will be another iconic show.  We appreciate the support received from the Fancy in going to a 3 day show necessitated by the closure of Pier 92.  Our entry did reach its limit of 2,500 champions and unfortunately there were entries that had to be turned away.

With the loss of Pier 92, all support functions (Show Superintendent, Press, Chief Stewards Office, and VIP Lunchroom) are now in Pier 94 which necessitated a modified floor plan.  These changes were achieved without reducing the size of the benching area and the number and size of rings.  Additionally, as you may be aware, we have made several event enhancements to make the show even more enjoyable and useful for our exhibitors. This includes daily complimentary continental breakfasts, enhanced lighting and additional monitors which will provide ongoing coverage of all 6 rings simultaneously.  For your transportation needs, we have continued and expanded our bus service to and from our Gold Star Hotels.

The Judging Program contains a detailed logistical schedule which we urge you to become familiar with before coming to the show.  The schedule is also included on our website with a few minor updates from the printed version.

Please note an important logistical change we have instituted this year, which can only be achieved with the support of all exhibitors coming to the show in personal vehicles (POV’s).  Due to restricted space limitations in front of Pier 94, all exhibitors with POV’s must first go to the staging area (at the end of W. 59th Street) where they will then be dispatched to Pier 94 to promptly load or unload their dogs and equipment.  There can be no exceptions to this.   By dispatching vehicles from the staging area to Pier 94, this will avoid some congestion issues we have faced before.  We will have additional personnel in both the staging area and Pier 94 to oversee and assist with this process.  Our objective is to have vehicles essentially go through the staging area to Pier 94 with minimal waiting time.  We can only accomplish this with your support.

All Sunday exhibitors and handlers will be able to unload at Pier 94 on Saturday between 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.  With this 13-hour unloading period, exhibitors will be able to unload in a more relaxed time frame than in prior years.    Another critical point is that those exhibitors and handlers that are benched in rows 1 through 4 will not be able to get into their benches on Saturday until approximately 10 p.m. after the Agility Championship is over.  Exhibitors who are benched in row 5 will not be able to gain access to their benches until 5 p.m., so please plan accordingly if you are in any of these rows.

We thank you for your continued participation in the show and wish you the very best of success.


David A. Helming, Show Chairman