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Question of the Week

Have you used anyone who professionally transports dogs by car or air, either cross country or overseas?


Jean Nelson

Avery, Texas

I have used transport many times for domestic travel. Plus, I have brought dogs from Italy, Russia, Belgium, Brazil and Mexico. I have been very happy with all the transports I have used.

I highly recommend getting references and making sure they are insured. There are shady domestic transporters who use substandard vehicles and have lost dogs. Domestically, I recommend Angel Lopez, USDA licensed and insured. Overseas, I use Blair Aguillard Commisso; she travels constantly between the U.S. and Europe. Since both show their dogs here in the U.S., they treat every dog as a top show dog.


Rebecca Baum 

Nassau, New York

Yes, I used an in-cabin nanny service twice to transport Italian Greyhounds from Poland to JFK Airport. Everything went very smoothly due to the knowledge, organization and professionalism of both the breeder and the transport service, even during the peak of Covid. I would do it again without hesitation. I wouldn't personally transport dogs in cargo, so I can't comment on that aspect, although the transport service offers that as well. 


Wyoma Clouss

Meridian, Idaho

Once, and it worked well. We compared all the transportation options for getting a puppy from more than 2,000 miles away. Driving both ways. $Wow$ Flying to bring back the puppy in cabin. $$$. Flying the puppy in cargo. Nope!  

So we contracted with a recommended flight transporter. Still a long flight, but puppy had a scheduled snack and potty break mid-trip. Cost was definitely less overall; we are ready to do it again under similar circumstances.  

Earlier, I added a stop to an already scheduled flight to bring the dog in cabin to a couple, meeting in the airport open area. We chatted a bit to ease the transfer, then I continued my trip. Cost of my ticket change was less than flying the dog alone in cargo. We’ll keep exploring options!


Joan Yerkie

Whitehall, Michigan

Yes, I have had two experiences with dog transporters — one bad, one good. 

The bad one was with a transporter not contracted by me but involved taking two dogs of the same breed to two parties in a similar area of the country.  The young man did not seem too interested in my instructions on where each one was to go. Long story short, he delivered the dogs to the wrong parties!

My second experience was much better. I got a puppy from a European country. My flight nanny was just terrific! They handled all the necessary details of getting the puppy and bringing it to me. All I had to do was see that my seller was paid and my nanny was paid. Puppy was delivered safely in great condition!

If you should allow the name of the good transporter to be included, it is Jen Newton.


Garnett Persinger

Conneautville, Pennsylvania

I have used transporters to move dogs from both overseas and in the U.S. Not all transporters in the U.S. are inspected and approved by USDA; those I would stay away from.

One of my puppy people used a transporter who claimed to be inspected, licensed and insured, but when they arrived it looked sketchy to me, and I would not put the puppy on the transport, as he had a small van packed. The crate was too small, and he already had seven dogs packed in a Dodge Caravan that was a rental. 

I have used an excellent USDA transporter whom I love. Her service is top flight, van large with approved crates, all equipment in good shape and keeps in communication with me as she travels. This is the kind of person I want to deal with, and I will pay the price for the safety and well-being of my dogs!

I have also used flight nannies for large dogs coming from Europe to the U.S. I have had excellent service from them also. It makes shipping from Europe much easier for me: I know the flight, the time and that the dog actually got on the flight.


Cheryl Dugan

San Franscisco Bay area, California

We use Island Pet Movers. They are nothing short of amazing.

Without going into a long story, here are some examples:

We had a bitch in Canada showing. Covid happened and the borders closed. She was stuck. While waiting it out, we bred her. Covid continued, but we had to get Mom and the pups back to the U.S. Island Pet Movers found a way. From East Canada to West, across the border, spent the night with an employee and her family, got lots of love, and then to the Seattle airport the next morning, one pup to California and one to North Carolina. They were in constant contact and sent pictures.

We had another opportunity to call on them when my co-owner got stuck in the hospital while battling cancer; she came down with Covid, they could not get her clear, and puppies needed care. I called the owner of Island Pet Movers, and she sent a driver from Ohio to Southern Missouri to pick up the puppies, got them to Texas, and on a plane to me in California.

The communication, follow-through and overall care are beyond. I never worried. I knew they were in great hands.

The people who work for this organization are so caring and responsive. I recommend them often.



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