Lake Garda, the site of the mot recent Whippet World Congress this spring.
… and Sighthounds in Italy.

Photo ML Baer Photography.
The Schipperke has big-dog attitude in a small-dog package.
The continent's dog fancy reunites for the European Dog Show in Paris.
Collectors of this quintessentially British breed have a bounty of options.
How do I know if my dog needs to go to the emergency room?

Iron silhouette sculptures in Heidelberg, Germany, depicting Boxers with cropped ears and docked tails, practices now prohibited by German law.
Purebred-dog fanciers should stand up and fight for what they believe in, says Geir Flyckt-Pedersen.

Morris & Essex in the 1930s ... those were the days!
Problems, and the good side of dog shows …


Maude Earl, "Irish Members," 1902, American Kennel Club Permanent Collection
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