We all know the poem about the Rainbow Bridge. And we all know what it is to be blessed with the love of our dogs.

Schnoodles, both faux and real.
Should the American Kennel Club be selling merchandise devoted to mixed breeds?
At some point, every dog owner likely has had tiny doubts about just who was the one being trained.
As we approach Thanksgiving during this pandemic, how have your dogs lifted your spirits and made you thankful?
Beverly Hills cancelled, Jimmy Mitchell retires, Jess Bontecou and Bob Jordan pass.
From mask deniers to corporate callousness, a lamentation over our lack of compassion.
According to the National Animal Interest Alliance, 2020 was a lackluster year for enacting animal laws.


English wood engraver and natural-history author Thomas Bewick provided some insight into how our modern breeds evolved. Read More
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Photos by Eugene Z. Zaphiris. Read More

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