A new webinar series reaches out to teens in the sport.
The Kennel Club of Philadelphia gets the green light for the 2020 edition of its famous Thanksgiving Day dog show.
9/11 Anniversary, new arrival, sad goodbye, birthdays and anniversaries.
Some judges are taking to the mostly empty skies, with varying degrees of trepidation.

A bronze statue honoring the search-and-rescue dogs involved in the recovery efforts at the World Trade Center and Pentagon at the Essex County Eagle Rock September 11th Memorial in West Orange, New Jersey.
Fanciers from across the sport share their memories of that unforgettable day that changed the world as we knew it.
In Michael Faulkner's first judging assignment post-COVID, everything old is new again.
From dog-walking mandates in Germany to Dutch breeding restrictions, an animal-rights agenda impacts European fanciers.


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