Embryonic stem-cell colony under a microscope.
How this restorative therapy can help treat your dog.

Greyfriar's Bobby, who modern historians contend was likely a Dandie Dinmont, not a Skye Terrier, as legend claims.
Depictions of dogs whose bravery has stood the test of time.

Happy to meet a Porcelaine on these shores, but the feeling was not mutual.
Time for introspection? Maybe even make some constructive changes?
The man who used to be Sid Marx reflects on the inevitability of aging.
Geir Flyckt-Pedersen contemplates the road not taken.
Having hunting dogs in motel rooms is seldom drama free.
Do we get to pick and choose which parts of the breed standard we will follow and which we can ignore?


"Great Dane Standing at the Shore," Maud Earl. Gift of the estate of Nancy-Carroll Draper to the AKC Museum of the Dog.
The Dog Museum at 40. Read More
Photos by Eugene Z. Zaphiris. Read More

A Dalmatian can't change it's stripes, but what about its group?
If the variety groups were realigned by the American Kennel Club, would you want your breed to be considered for a group change? Read More

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