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10 Questions

... asked of Eric Liebes

Profession: Retired research geophysicist.

Dog-sport involvement: Judge, breeder, exhibitor, club worker bee.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York.

Astrological sign: Scorpio.



1. Do you have any dog-show superstitions?  


I carry an old tack-box rat in my pocket.


2. TV-show guilty pleasure?


“Star Trek”: Original, Next Gen, DS9, etc.


3. If you were president of AKC for one day, what would you do?  


Fix the ineffectiveness of the delegate body.


4. Most valued material possession?


Our farm.


5. What is something no one would guess about you?


I was a hard-core vertical cave explorer in my 20s and 30s.


6. Who would you compare yourself to?


Neil deGrasse Tyson.


7. What are you “famous” for?


Being a rare-breed fan.


8. What website do you visit most often?


Facebook and


9. What was more memorable, your most satisfying win or disappointing defeat? And what was it?


Winning national specialties is the best! 1985 Komondor national and 1994 Ibizan Hound national.


10. What do you wish someone would ask you?


To judge in a new country.



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