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Editorial: October 9, 2020

30 Under 30, 70 and Secure, Florida reassurances, Maxine Beam


Expanding with Experience

Seeing the sport of purebred dogs through the eyes of a community that spans decades, DOG NEWS is expanding our search. With the success of 30 Under 30 feature, we are now surveying 70 and Secure. There are observations and recommendations that only come with years of experience in the sport. DOG NEWS is pleased to give those who are 70 and Secure the opportunity to express their thoughts to the fancy. We look forward with great interest to the opinions that we trust will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. If you are over age 70, share your wisdom by emailing

Expanding Despite Covid-19

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has opened up his state, cancelling all restrictions concerning the Covid-19 virus. While this is a helpful decision for the state’s economy, some question the possibility of the virus spreading. It does raise some concern for those of us planning on attending the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin.

We have spoken to American Kennel Club president Dennis Sprung, and he has assured us that even though the state does not require face masks, those attending the show will be required to wear them. In addition, there will be no spectators at the event, and the popular Meet The Breeds will not take place. Those attending the breed seminars will be socially distant and more classrooms will be provided. Depending on the location of the show venue, the air is exchanged several times an hour. It certainly sounds like they’re taking every precaution. Dennis Sprung and Michael Canalizo and the entire staff at the American Kennel Club who are working tirelessly should be applauded for their work in getting this event to fruition. As of this writing, if that restriction is still in effect, those American Kennel Club employees from the New York executive offices will have to be isolated for two weeks upon their return to New York.


Maxine Beam

Long before the expression of woman’s liberation was our vernacular, a short lady from Texas, Maxine Beam, was one of the original liberated women of our time. Not to be fooled by her country accent, she was smart as a whip. She was a very successful professional handler, making her way to the top. Her client list included Perle Mesta, an American socialite and diplomat who ran Washington, D.C., society. Retiring from handling, she became one of the most sought-after judges in the country. Her opinion was respected and was always her own. No one who ever showed her a dog will forget the tape she put down the middle of the examination table to reach the dog being shown. Independent, opinionated and yet caring and compassionate, her interests ran from collecting miniature orchids to combing through antique shops for antique American glass. A shrewd businesswoman, her finances were secure. Maxine never married, but in true Western style she had a couple of well-known notches on her belt. She was a great friend, and she will never be replaced. We were fortunate to know and love her. Rest in peace.



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