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Editorial: December 11, 2020

A bleak year in review, but hope lies ahead




We came into 2020 with all the hope, excitement and anticipation that a new year brings. It started as it usually does, with wanting to get back to the dog shows and two restless weeks at home. (Remember when two weeks at home seemed like an eternity?) We traveled to different parts of the country as the shows began to be held. Then the biggest unrest in our world was that the Westminster Kennel Club was going to be held over three days instead of two. That event came and went without a ruffle; in fact, everyone seemed to be very positive about the temporary change. True dog showers took that in stride.




WE SAW that very quickly our world changed with an unheard-of virus called Covid-19 causing illness, death, unemployment, isolation, travel restrictions, lockdowns, and mental, physical and financial stress. Like falling dominoes, dog shows were cancelled, incomes were lost and with the realization this was not a regular virus, still more events were cancelled. Dog News decided to suspend publishing as there were no dog shows and we created an online newsletter, which has become very popular and well read. We upgraded our website,, and that too has been warmly received. Ever so slowly, some adventurous clubs decided to go ahead and hold their events. Some were held, and sadly some were cancelled at the last minute owing to state regulations. We were saddened to see opinions on social media become vitriolic, taking pro and con sides on attending dog shows. It was not our finest hour.




WE CONQUERED, maybe not yet, but we seem to be on the right path even though this virus has shaken us to our core. A national crisis, our federal government deferred responsibilities and our lives to the 50 governors with their own solutions, some good, some not so good. We tried with great frustration as regulations from different states were put into effect. Most of us seem to be more accepting of our present condition and while a vaccine is now becoming available, it will be months until we can all get back to some semblance of normal. Until then, be thankful we are healthy and with a new administration a more national unified effort to fight this virus. So until next year, all of us at Dog News send you our very best wishes for a Happy Holiday and for a very Happy, Healthy and Winning New Year. Please stay safe and sound and God bless each and every one of you.




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