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A Dog News Christmas

Never mind naughty or nice. Are you on the list?

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas! Santa looked down upon the world way up high in his North Pole lodge and saw his many friends (both naughty or nice) saddened by being isolated in their homes away from family, friends and co-workers. He saw the wanderlust in their eyes, even from up here. So he decided the gifts this year would be books, where your imaginations would run wild. You could be amused, beguiled, laugh, cry, be incensed or non-sensed. Think, is the book Santa chose to gift you about you, or is it the title that reminds Santa of you? Or was Santa just stuck and ran out of gift ideas? Of course, part of the fun is guessing what all the gifts mean and, of course, only Santa knows!

But know that they are all given in the spirit of the season and if your material gift isn’t mentioned know you’re in Santa’s heart. With that, Santa wishes you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Aaron Wilkerson                 

Beyond Bars


Adam & Maddy Peterson



Adam & Katie Bernardin 

Love Story


Adrian Agard      

How To Keep Rolling After A Fall


Adriano Rocha

Wood Fever: All About Making Bows and Arrows


AKC Royal Canin National Dog Show            

Absent Superpower


AKC Museuem Gift Shop  

The Complete Guide To Labradoodles


AKC’s Board of Directors  

Leading Without Leading


AKC’s Delegates 

A Confederacy of Dunces


AKC’s Judges College         

Making Money Teaching Online


AKC’s Trinket Booth           

Sale’s Bible


Alexandra Geremia

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


Alfonso Escobedo & Ashley Whitmore

A Family Is A Circle Of Love


Alice & Steve Lawrence

Trumpty Dumpty Wanted A Crown


Alisa Syar

Travels In Alaska


Allison Foley        

The School Mistress


Allison Sunderman            

The Power Of Nice


Amanda Giles

The Accidental Beauty Queen


Amelia Musser

Something So Grand


American Kennel Club

Position of the Day Playbook


Amy Kiell Green

The Papered Wall


Amy Rutherford

1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married


Amy Tourond

Network Warrior


Andrea Glassford

Hocus Pocus


Andrew Brace

Croatian Tales Of Long Ago


Andrew Green

The Constant Princess


Andrew Peel       

First Year of Marriage


Andy Linton         

Most Eligible Bachelor


Angie Lloyd          

New England Cookbook


Ann Rairigh         

Talent Wins


Ann Viklund        

The Power Of Patience


Anna Stromberg

The Marshmellow Test


Anne Katona

How To Retire Happy


Annemarie & Randy Kubacz           

The Family Fang


Antonielle Vulpis

Coastal Scotland


Anthony DiNardo Jr.



Barbara Alderman

Life After Knee Replacement


Barbara Anderson

Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex


Barbara Bentley

The Rake And The Redhead


Barbara Miller    

It Didn’t Start With You


Basenji Sisters    

The Ultimate Super Bowl Book


Beep & Shari Lee                 

Living In The Desert


Bergit & Hans Kabel           



Beth Sweigart     

A Thousand Spendid Suns


Betty Anne Stenmark        

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump


Bill McFadden    

The Power Of Letting Go


Bill Shelton - Steve Leyerly              

Love At The Speed Of Email


Bill & Tina Truesdale       

Journeys Of A Lifetime


BJ & Samantha Whitlow

The Bomb Maker


Blake Hansen

Live The Polish Way Of Life


Bob & Helen Stein

Why We Live Where We Live


Jean Hetherington

The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Vilalge


Bob Busby

A Street Cat Named Bob


Bobbi Davis

The Real Las Vegas: Life Beyond The Strip


Bobbi Kinley Blewett

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Private Investigating


Bobby Fisher

Growing Up Fisher


Bobby Paust         

I’ll Tell You In Person


Bonnie Linnell Clarke

The Bunny Years


Bonnie Threlfall

Untapped Talent


Bonnie Wagaman

Currently Holding it All Together With One Bobby Pin


Brenda Combs

Car Sick


Brian Livingston

Total Power


Brian Still

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes


Bruce  & Tara Schultz



Bruce Schwartz

Kiss That Frog


Bryan & Nancy Martin

Best Served Cold


Calley Rupp         

Cool Cars


Candy Way

The Sweet Book of Candy Making


Carissa Shimpeno

I Love Mondays


Carl Ashby

Winning Elections: Political Campaign Management


Carla Sanchez

What Will ItTake To Make A Woman President?


Carla Viggiano

Murder With Peacocks


Carlos Puig

A Practical Guide To Exotic Pets


Carmen Battaglia                

Mic It: Microphone


Carmen Skinner

Where Lilacs Still Bloom


Carol Grossman

The Christain Woman’s Guide To Dating


Carolyn Koch

Fortune & Glory


Celie Florence

Her Come The Dophins


Charlie Olvis & Liz Muthard           

Powers Of Two


Charlie Garvin

When Pride Still Mattered


Charlotte McGowan

Organizing From The Inside Out


Charlotte Patterson            

Charlotte’s Web


Chesley Smithey

The Big Book Of Bourbon


Chris Berg

Hedda Gabler


Chris Freitag        

Bluegrass State Of Mind


Chris Jones

The Tall Book


Chris King             

The Compete Book of Surf Fishing


Chris Manelopoulos

The Greeks In Australia


Chris Wornall

Merry & Bright


Christa Cook        

The Girl In The Mirror


Christopher & Dylan Keith              

Tex Appeal


Chuck & Pam Krothe

Scottish Highlands


Cindy Cassidy

A Life Well Played


Cindy Vogels

Doing Good Better


Clay Coady

How Full Is Your Bucket


Cliff Steele

Now Is The Time To Open Your Heart


Clint Livingston

Old Yeller


Connie Clark       

Sailing For Dummies


Connor McFadden & Olivia Hodgekinson

The Wedding Planner Checklist


Curtiss Smith       

Sex Lives Of Cannibals


Dana Bryson Benn

Blue In A Red State


Dana Gabel

The Kickass Single Mom


Daniel Chavez

A Ramdom Walk Down Wall Street


Dani Goodland Rose

Poland A History


Darlene Bello

10 Day Green Smoothies Cleanse


Daryl Martin        

Sorry, There Aren’t Any Books On Neck Braces


David & Pam Peat

Perfect Timing


David & Peggy Helming

Crushing It


David Fitzpatrick

If Animals Kissed Goodnight


David Frei

Ego Is The Enemy


David Haddock

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend


David & Jennifer Harper 

Your Not Crazy, Your Codependent


David Merriam

I’m Traveling Alone


David Murray

The Boys Club


DeAnne Hawkes

One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich


Debbie Butt

Animal Farm


Debra Ferguson Jones

Dog Law


Denise Flaim

The ABC’s Of Real Estate Investing


Dennis Brown

The Misty Isle Of Skye


Dennis McCoy & Randy Garren     

Where The Crawdads Sing


Dennis O’Connor

The Boy At The Top of The Mountain


Dennis Sprung

If Knishes Could Talk


Derek Glas

Strangers On A Train


Desi Murphy       

Full Service


Devon Kipp

How to Cook Like a Jewish Mother


Diana Wilson      

The Great Divide, The Rocky Mountains


Dick Schaefer

Men’s Hats


Diego & Evelyn Garcia

Ferndinand & Isabella


Dina Planche      

Louisiana Lucky


Doberman Ladies

Jocelyn Mullins

Cindy Lane Smith               

Ann Ramsbottom White   

Carolyn Austin   

Teresa Nail           

Hillary Zimmerman           

Naomi Barksdale                 

Ashley Claggett  

Joyce Cates            

Linda George       

Kay Backues         

Marilyn Moriarty

The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is You



Don Sturz

Ten Lessons From New York City Schools


Donna DeMartini

The Little Black Book of Martinis


Dorothy Cherry

Dangerous When Wet


Dottie Collier

Is There Still … Sex In the City


Dottie James         

Wilma Unlimited


Doug & Rita Holloway

The Great Migration


Doug Belter

Born To Beagle


Doug Johnson

To Say Nothing Of The Dog


Earl Takahashi

The Caretakers


Eduardo Paris

How Paris Became Paris


Ed Fojtik

Ah Fudge! Tried And Tasted


Ed Thomason

Truth & Lies


Edd Bivin

You Laugh But It’s True


Eddie Boyes         

I’m Fine and Neither Are You


Eddie Dziuk

The Bone Collector


Elaine Lessig       

Wow, No Thank You


Elizabeth Nelson

Juggling Work And Home


Ellen & David Roberts

Stumbling On Happiness


Ellen Charles      

Night At The Museum


Ellen Cottingham

Hair Bows Made Simple


Elliot More

Tell Me Where It Hurts


Elliott Weiss

You Only Fall In Love Three Times


Enid Wright

Survive Your Husband’s Retirement


Erika Lanasa

Born to Bark


Ernesto Lara

The Lost City Of The Monkey God


Evalyn Gregory

Spend Well Live Rich


Evan & Stacy Threlfall

I Wished For You


Evelyn Heath

Officer Woof Woof


Faith Ott

Under The Tuscan Sun


Felicia Cashin

Brussels Noir


Florence Foti        

The Successful Single Mom


Fran Smith

All Things Wise and Wonderful


Frank & Judy DePaulo

The Rhodesian War


Frank Murphy

The Good Ole Boys


Frank Sabella

Old Age: A Beginners Guide


Gabriel & Ivonne Rangel

Partnership Power


Gary & Michelle Steele

Heads You Win


Gay Glazbrook

I Suck At Relationships, So You Don’t Have To


Gayle Bontecou

Life Without Limits


Geir Flyckt Pedersen

Healing From Hidden Abuse


Gene Blake & Julie Mueller              

The Beau & The Belle


Geoff Corish         

Dog Man For Whom The Ball Rolls


Geoff Dawson

Men In Uniform


Geri Kelly

Fifty Hats That Changed The World


Gina DiNardo

Lingerie Wars


Gina Jaeblon

Animals Black & White


Greg Strong          

All Bears Need Love


Gustavo Molinari

David & Goliath


Guy Fisher

Never Eat Alone


Gwen DeMilta

If Only You Know


Harry & Lisa Miller

The Call Of The Wild


Heather & Colton Johnson                

See You At The Top


Heather Buehner

Trailing A Memoir


Hiram Stewart

Serious Noticing


Holly Eldred        



Howard Huber Jr.

Call Me By Your Name


Howard Huber, III

Call Me By Your Name


Jack Secrest           

You Don’t Know Jack


Jackie & Terry Stacy           

The Bucket List


Jackie Beaudoin

Solutions And Other Problems


James Dalton       

Marilyn In Manhattan


Jamie Hubbard

The Eternal Husband


Jane Flowers        

Car Sick


Jane Myers

Jeff Bezos The Force


Janet Lange

Happily Married, Happily Divorced


Janet York

All About Dog Daycare


Jason Bailey

Taste Of Country Cooking


Jason McIlwaine

The Bakers Bible


Jason Taylor

Dog Man Grime & Punishment


Jean Heath

Agent Of The Black Watch


Jeanne Hurty       

The Book Of Yes


Jeff Brucker

The Pine Barrens


Jeffery Deaver

The Bone Collector through The Goodbye Man


Jeffrey Hanlin

Say Hey Little Prince


Jennifer & Esteban Farias

The Perfect Couple


Jenny Wornall

The Power Of Now


Jere Marder          

The Eagle Has Landed


Jesse & John Gerszewski

Angels & Demons


Jesse & Roxanne Sutton

Bogart & Bacall


Jessica Plourde

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Jill Ferrera

Start Your Own Wholesale Distribution


Jill Warren

The English Patient


Jim Frederiksen & Jim Noe

The Peacock Throne


Jim Moses

Lady Chatterley’s Lover


Jim Reynolds       

Just As I Am


Jimmy Mitchell

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit


Jo-Ann Rosenberg               

Weimar Culture


Joan Ambrose

All TheWay To Havana


Joan Fisher

Speak German In 90 Days


Joan Scott

How to Catch A Unicorn


Jodi & Leonardo Garcini

How To Love Your Neighbor


Jodi Longmire

Living The Good Life


Joe DePietro         

The Art of The Deal


Joe Gregory



Joe Kinnarney

How To Think Like A Horse


Joe Vergnetti

Tricks Of The Trade


John & Grahm Miller

Every Night Is Pizza Night


John & Tammie Wilcox

How We Keep Each Other Close


John Ashbey         

His Very Best


John Low

The Shadow King


John Reeve Newson

The Luckiest Man


Johnny Shoemaker

Happy Trails: The Story of Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans


Jon Cole

Think Like A Monk


Judi Daniels         

I Claudius


Julie Lux

The Wonderful World of Beagles and Beagling


Junior Das

The God Of Small Things


Justin Smithey

The Wiskey Cabinet


Kara Gordon

Lone Star Law


Karen Evasuik

Art Direction Explained


Karen Fitzgerald

The Border Book


Karen Justin         

Woman Of The Frontier


Karen LeFrak       

The Lions Of Fifth Avenue


Karen Mammano

The Racing Driver’s Wife


Karen Williams

The Dutiful Wife


Karen Wilson

A Letter To My Grandchildren


Kasey O’Brien

The Her Campus Guide To College Life


Kathy & Dave Musto          

I Dreamed of Africa


Kathy Ferris         

The World Is Full Of Divorced Women


Kathy Menaker

Fool Me Once


Kay Palade Peiser

Weight Lifting Is A Waste Of Time


Kaz & Roxie Hosaka

The Ghost And Mrs.Muir


Keith Bailey         

A Book Of Welsh Country Puddings And Pies


Keith Pautz

Cowboy Christmas


Keke Kahn

65 Things To Do When You Retire


Kellie Fitzgerald

Winners Never Quit


Ken & Virginia Murray

An Eye For A Dog


Ken McDermott

To See Every Bird On Earth


Kenichi Kato        

The Green Hornet Strikes Again


Kent Boyles          

Born to Run


Kiki Courtelis      

Picking Winners


Kim & Angela Booth

Faces Of Africa


Kim & Gigi Griffith              

The Book Of Nice


Kim & Tony Calvacca

Made For Each Other


Kim Langlands

The Year Of Magical Thinking


Kim Rudzik

The Gifts of Imperfection


Kim Silva & Rob Garrett    

Camelot & Canada


Kimberlie Steele Gamaro 

My Call To The Ring


Kitten Rodwell

Welcome Aboard


Kitty Burke

The Book Of Nice


Klayton Harris

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky


Krista Droop        

Inside Art Direction


Kurt Hermann

How To Fail At Flirting


Larry & Carol Brown

Your Guide To The Jewish Holdiays


Larry & Laurie Fenner

A Practical Guide To Exotic Pets


Larry Cornelius

Gay Guide To Palm Springs


Laura Coomes

The Summer Of The Dane


Laura King

What Do We Need Men For


Lesley Potts

I Know This Much


Leslie Hall

Design As Art


Leslie Simis

Finding The Perfect Man


Letisha & Carlos De La Torre           

Guess How Much I Love You


Linda Baker

Inside The Minds Of Car Dealers


Linda Low

The Prince Who Loved Me


Linda & Ron Mattson

Uplifting Thoughts For Everyday


Linda Rowell       

How to Handle A Crowd


Lindsay Gorder

The Creative Habit


Lisa Arnett

Working Mom


Lisa Bettis

Good To Be Grand


Lisa Croft Elliott

The Girls Got Secrets


Lisa Gallizzo        

Born To Run


Lois Demers         

No One Ever Asked


Loren Morgan

In at the Deep End


Lorene Hogan

10 Little Hot Dogs


Lori Green

A Palm Beach Wife


Lori Wilson Paust

How Can I Say thank You


Lorrie Richer       

Girls In White Dresses


Luc Boileau

Tough On The Outside, Sweet On The Inside


Luke & Diane Ehricht



Luke & Tammy Seidlitz

Hold Me Tight


M.J. Nelson            

Book Initials


Maddy Goss          

The Secret Lives Of Color


Maggie Peat         

Good Calories, Bad Calories


Marcelo Chagas  

At Least You’ll Be Married To A Dotor


Marcelo Veras

The Garden Of Lost And Found


Mareth Kipp        

The Secret Life Of Cows


Margaret Poindexter

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Mari Beth O’Neill

Becoming Bullitproof


Marilyn Mayfield

Waiting In The Wings


Marilyn Title       



Maripi Wooldridge            

You’re A Miracle & A Pain In the Ass


Marjorie Good

Chop Wood Carry Water


Marlene DePalma

Italian Folktales


Marti Johnson

Double Trouble


Mary Ann Alston

Saint Of The Day


Mary Donnelly

The Things We Cannot Say


Mary Dukes

Trump Politically Imcorrect


Mary Indeglia

Bedlam Among The Bedpans


Megan Huff          

Lone Star Lit


Mercedes Vila

Horse Of A Different Color


Merry Jeanne Millner

Gone With The Wind


Michael & Michelle Scott

The Power Couple


Michael Canalizo

How To Sleep Alone In A King Sized Bed


Michael Coad

I Like Spotted Dick


Michael Faulkner

What The FXXK Should I Make For Dinner?


Michael Shepherd              

Guinness Book of World Records 2020


Michael Work

Writing Down The Bones


Michele Molnar

The Magic Of Thinking Big


Mike & Linda Pitts

The Competition


Mike Stone

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last


Milan Lint

Check In Check Out


Mimi Winkler      

Eat Pray Love


Missy Galloway

Women Of Great Taste


Moe Miyagawa

The House Mate


Nannette Herrick

Mansions Of The Gold Coast


Nancy Bosley

Talking To Strangers


Nancy Brown

Red Roses From Texas


Nancy Foley, Susan Carter, Elena Duggan

Partnership Power


Nancy Shaw

A Love Letter To Texas Women


Nancy Smith

Seven Yorkshire Tales


Nina Fetter

Women Who Launch


Noble Inglett

The History Of Toys


Norm Kenney

A Promised Land


Oscar Quiros

The Goal


Pam & John Beale

Setting The Table


Pam & Mark Desrosier

Two Dogs And A Suitcase


Pam Laperruque

The Girl With Really Long Hair


Pat Billhardt

The Gracious Woman


Pat Cruz

The Imperfect Board Member


Pat Laurans

Life Of Pi


Pat Rodgers

Red Headed Woman


Pat & Chuck Trotter



Patricia Hearst Shaw         

Little Chapel On The River


Patti Haines

A Hog On Ice and Other Curious Expressions


Patti Howard       

The Great Book Of Ireland


Patti Proctor

Flora And The Flamingo


Patti Strand

Non Profit Fund Raising 101


Patty Keenan       

How I Changed My Life


Paul Catterson

Parenting Gifted Kids


Paul & Chrystal Clas          

The Book Of Home How To


Paul Reilly

Stick & Rudder


Paula Nykiel        

The Girl With The Magic Ponytails


Paula Spector

On The Road


Peggy Beisel Mcilwaine

Becoming Michelle Obama


Perry Payson       

Black Beauty


Peter Green          

Welsh And Proud Of It


Peter Kubacz

If Only You Knew


Peter Pettersen

If You Love It, It Will Grow


Phil Guidry

The Rule Of Law


Phoebe Booth

Far From The Madding Crowd


Polly Smith

Remodel Without Going Bonkers Or Broke


Queensboro Kennel Club                  

Importance Of One’s Name


R.C. Carusi

One More Croissant For The Road


Rebecca Cross



Regina Keiter

The Singles Playbook


Reisman Sisters

The Secrets Between Us


Remy Lewis-Smith

Then God Created In Laws


Rhanda Glenn

The Biggest Litlle Farm


Rick 7 Mandy Justice

Of Thee I Sing


Ricky & Jenny Krieger

Racing To The Finish


Robert Hall

The Southern Gentleman


Roberta Lombardi

Fairy Shampoo


Robin Novack

Live Like A King


Romana Arnold

Missed Opportunities


Ron & Debbie Scott             

Growing Older Together


Ron Menaker

A Brief History Of Time


Ron Tang

The Tale Of Genji


Roy & Jo Ann Kusumoto

Like Bees To Honey


Roz Kramer

The Girl With All The Gifts


Roz Mintz Fusco

Intuitive Eating


Russella Bowen

Strong Is The New Pretty


Ruth Dehmel       

Annie Leibovitz Art Work


Ryan Wolf

Dad Jokes For New Dads


Sally Sweat

Lake Wobegon Days


Sam Mammano

Eat My Dust


Sam McDonald

Pennsylvania Real Estate


Sandra Middlebrooks

Tales of Old Peking


Sandy D’Andrea

Ducking and Weaving


Sandy Nordstrom

Retail Therapy


Sara Melichar Lopez

The Confidence Code


Sarah & Matt Perchick

A More Perfect Union


Sarah Lawrence



Scott Kellogg

The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek


Scott Sommer

A Horse In Your House


Scott Yergin          

Kitchen Confidential


Sean McCarthy

The Reappearance


Sean Gaffney

Your Creative Workspace


Sheila DiNardo

Beauty Queens


Shelby Roberts

The Good Husband Guide


Sheree Moses

The Peace Book


Sioux Forsyth Green

The Wise Inheritor: A Guide To Managing …


Snooki Salmi        

One Morning In Maine


Spanky Clothier

A Pictural History of the Dead End Kids


Stacey Borrmann

Memoirs of a Geisha


Stan Flowers        

How To Live With A Huge Penis


Stuart McGraw

Little Stuart


Sue Vroom

Tips On How To Marry A Millionaire


Sukey Shor

You Lucky Dog


Susan Fraser

The Vaccine Book


Susan & John Hamil           

The Hound Of The Baskervilles


Susan Sprung

Falling In Love Again


Susie & Jorge Olivera

To Have And To Hold


Susie Atherton

Oklahoma Past & Present


Susie DePew       

On A Street Called Easy, In A Cottage Called Joy


Sydney Good

The Art Of Living Alone


Taffe McFadden

All Things Bright and Beautiful


Tami Bradford

Lina DeMille’s Godless Girl


Tara Martin Rowell

The Greek’s Chosen Wife


Teresa Craig

Tulip Fever


Teresa Nail

Step Parents Step Children


Terry Hundt

Love And Frienndship


Terry Miller & Dominique Debe                  

French - English Anglais-Francais Dictionary


Terry Smith

Strength Training For Women


The James Brothers            

1001 Ways To Make Money


Tiffany & Shea Skinner

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus


Tim Brazier

Lying Low


Tim Lehman

The Color Of White


Tim Terella

The Country Life


Tim Thomas

Yes No Maybe So


Tom Bradley        

The Lake House


Tom Davies

The Luck Factor


Tom Weigand

Within The Frame


Tommy Millner

Westminster Abbey


Tomoko McFadden             

Cool Japanese Men


Tracy & Luis Abreu

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage


Tuni & Ernie Conti

Pinstripe Empire


Valerie Nunes-Atkinson

The Independent Woman


Vicki Holloway

Creativity and Copyright


Vicki Seiler Cushman

The Doctors Wife


Victor & Susan Malzoni, Jr.               

An African Adventure


Vikki Oelerich

Abandoned Long Island


Vince Hogan        

Picture Perfect Posing


Vinnie Indeglia

My Life In Court


Wayne Ferguson

Prince Charming


Wendell Sammet

Living Life As A Thank You


Wendy & Jimmy Bettis

Think Big And Kick Ass


Wood Wornall

Storied & Scandalous Kansas City


Zane Smith

Raising A Large Family


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