Andrew Brace

Furor erupts over AKC announcement that Junior Showmanship will allow crossbreeds. Read More

Dog shows as we once knew them will eventually come back. Will exhibitors return with them?
Dog show as we once knew them will eventually come back. But will exhibitors return with them? Read More
The coronavirus pandemic has rocked our world; not just the dog world, the world. Read More

The fabulous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Verheyen Tweed, the kind of dog that make all the hard work of judging worthwhile.
As we approach another Westminster, a fortunate group of people will be looking forward to one of the most exciting judging assignments of their careers. Some will be judging for WKC for the first time, others will be honored by a return visit. They will be putting their knowledge to the test in... Read More
Cyberbullying has entered our sport in many guises, tand no one is exempt from being targeted. Nowadays, everyone is fair game. Read More

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