Andrew Brace

If you find a dog you love, use the sire that produced him – or so the conventional wisdom goes.
Those obsessed dog breeding know there are always things you have to experience to really believe. Read More
Geir Flyckt-Pedersen reflects on how the part of the world in which we live makes huge differences in our dog lives. Read More
Furor erupts over AKC announcement that Junior Showmanship will allow crossbreeds. Read More

Dog shows as we once knew them will eventually come back. Will exhibitors return with them?
Dog show as we once knew them will eventually come back. But will exhibitors return with them? Read More
Bo Bengtson takes a dive into Pekingese history, with the help of breed experts Dr. Steve Keating, Don Sutton, David Fitzpatrick and Andrew Brace. Read More

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