Santa Barbara Kennel Club is one of a handful of shows that has set itself apart.
Fri, 07/15/2022 - 11:41pm

Editorial: July 15, 2022

Unique Doesn’t Have to Be Uncommon

Going through hundreds of photographs taken at the recent Westminster Kennel Club, many of which appear in this issue, reaffirms that a little uniqueness and creativity make the difference between a dog show and dog show that stands out and gains recognition from the fancy. Needless to say, not every club can compete with the Westminster Kennel Club, but there are two that come to mind whose reputation for uniqueness makes them stand out, and they receive recognition because of the extra work and care they put into their respective dog shows. First one that comes to mind is the Santa Barbara Kennel Club. Once a storied dog show that has gone through changes – some good, some not so good – it has come through as a must on many an exhibitor’s bucket list. Part of this is thanks to the inclusion of the Breeders Showcase, where breeders get to present their dogs to highly respected people in the sport, whether they are approved judges or not. Many a non-breeder judge and or a professional handler has been selected to judge this popular and well-attended event. It’s wonderful to see breeders parading their best of the best around the ring with great pride and getting the recognition they deserve from the audience. A true social event – if you choose, there is an option of a buffet dinner that is available while watching the judging from ringside. The fun is in watching these dogs in the ring and guessing if you can also pick the winners that the judge will select. Kudos to the Santa Barbara Kennel Club members and a singular salute to Desi Murphy for organizing this annual event. A cluster of clubs that got together to make a unique and well-received weekend is the now famous Woofstock (yes, our computers want to correct the spelling to Woodstock) Cluster of dogs shows. As the name implies, it is the 1960s all over again. From the tie-dyed clothes to the headbands, fringes and beads – and I guess now that it’s legal, the smell of marijuana – Woofstock has become another group of shows on everyone’s must-attend list. The Sixties music plays all weekend long, and the costumes range from fabulous to more than fabulous. Everyone seems to get into the mood of the event and it becomes infectious. The kennel clubs that make up the Woofstock experience all contribute to its success; special mention must be made of Kimberly Meredith for her tireless promotion of this weekend. The point of all this is, not every club or cluster has an unlimited treasury or a large number of members, but little creativity and just a little extra work make these three clubs stand-outs among the thousands of events held during the year. So at your next club meeting when you are discussing plans for your next event, try to think of something that will make your show unique, because unique doesn’t have to be uncommon.


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