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Editorial: June 10, 2022

More For Them … Less For You

The April Board of Directors minutes make for interesting reading, as they have in the past. Every month the American Kennel Club finds ways to make and save money at the same time. The kennel club had a net operating income of $5.6 million the first two months of 2022, which it states was the result of higher registrations and lower expenses. The purpose of reading the minutes was to see if they addressed the problems facing purebred dogs in the rest of world. The alarming news of breeds being labeled “torture” breeds went unaddressed. We weren’t surprised, but disappointed that there wasn't a mention. Are we really that self-absorbed that we ignore all that goes on around us? Instead, we read proposals that will be voted on in the future. The most interesting and long expected was the recommendation of the elimination of “term limits” for the board members. Now, mind you, some board members in the past have done a pretty good job of sitting it out one year and getting re-elected the following year. All but our present board chairman, who failed to be re-elected but was seated by the board to fill Ron Menaker’s unexpired seat. Then he ran unopposed for a one-year term to complete Ron’s term. Yet he was elected chairman. This one term on, then a 12-month hiatus, then another run for the board is confusing and unproductive, as it keeps other hopefuls from running, as the last election proves. We would humbly suggest a different approach to term limits. Let each director serve up to three consecutive terms but never more than three terms (whether consecutive or not). That would give a director a maximum of 12 years on the board. We recognize it takes time to adjust to the position and that the wheels of progress turn exceedingly slow, except when it comes to approving more dog shows and judges. With few exceptions – and even fewer in some cases – becoming a delegate is easy enough: Find a club that needs a delegate (many do and would gladly give the position to someone if there was no cost to the club) and be in good standing. From that delegate body, any delegate is free to run for the board of directors. We would also recommend, as we have in the past, that no former employee of the American Kennel Club can serve on its board. We have had that situation in the past, but as there currently is no seated director who fits that description, now would be the time to implement that rule. So, in a perfect world, it wouldn't be More For Them and Less For You, but more for all.


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