Lyndhurst, site of the 2021 Westminster Kennel Club dog show.
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Editorial: June 11, 2021

Westminster in June ...

Oh, the adjustments we have made over the last year. No Manhattan. No Madison Square Garden. No Piers. No Spectators. No Hotel Pennsylvania. No Nick & Steff’s. No Snow. No Taxi Rides. But what remains is the thrill and excitement of attending the most important and world-respected dog show in history – the nation’s oldest sporting event, second only to the Kentucky Derby. DOG NEWS publisher EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS is quoted in BORN TO WIN, the great informative book written by this year’s Westminster Best in Show judge, PAT CRAIGE TROTTER, stating, “WESTMINSTER, THE SHOW YOU LOVE TO HATE AND WOULD KILL TO WIN.” That hasn't changed. But we are a flexible group, so this weekend it’s the New York State Thruway, Over-Worked GPS Guidance, Health Certificates for Humans, Sunscreen, Hats, Ice, Umbrellas, Bug Spray, Car Rentals and the most-asked question … Who is MARIO M. CUOMO and what happened to the Tappan Zee Bridge?

They say that behind successful men are women. So if CHAT REYNDERS, DAVE HELMING, DAVID HADDOCK and PAUL CAMPANELLA don’t mind, we would like to acknowledge the hard and dedicated work done by the ladies who are behind the scenes. The indispensable Director of Operations FLORENCE FOTI, who has run everything there is to run with great efficiency and a sense of humor. It has been our firsthand experience that there is not a question she can’t answer, and on those very rare occasions she doesn’t know the answer, she gets it and returns with it promptly. She is assisted by the nicest lady, LINDA DUANE, Manager of Operations, who is the one-two punch of the ladies in the Westminster offices. In organizing the show, the logistics and behind-the-scenes organization skills of these two ladies are nothing short of amazing. Plus, like most of us, they did it all remotely and virtually on computer screens. LINDA was formerly employed by the late financier and Westminster member JUD STRIECHER, who for many years was the power behind the WESTCHESTER KENNEL CLUB, on whose former grounds we find ourselves today. Two more ladies round out this foursome. More in the public eye is GAIL MILLER BISHER, Director of Communications, who promotes, fields questions from the press, public and exhibitors, and has to have those answers available at a moment’s notice. She is aided by LISA PETERSON, Public Relations Manager, who also has been ready to answer any and all questions concerning the dog show. Plus, this year in addition to all the changes of dates and venue there were all those health-related questions in order to attend the dog show. So we thank these ladies for their hard work. We are confident that the show will run smoothly thanks to all their good works. 

So welcome to New York, home of the WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB, DOG NEWS, the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB and THE AKC MUSEUM OF THE DOG. It’s an opportunity to see more than just Manhattan. Come visit us at the DOG NEWS booth, the only publication to be so honored. All of us at DOG NEWS wish you the very best of luck at the show and safe travels. See you there. 



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