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Editorial: May 26, 2023

Another loss, another final goodbye

A tall, handsome Norwegian with an outstanding eye for a dog and the gift of gab was the late Geir Flyckt-Pedersen. He seemed to have it all because he did. He was half of a team with his late wife Gerd, who was originally from Sweden and affectionately known as Nenna. They lived a charmed life in Sweden and England, finally settling in the United States with homes in Florida and North Carolina. On Nenna’s passing several years ago, Geir moved to Ohio to be near his son Eric, daughter-in-law Rebecca and granddaughters. Geri’s fame in the United States came with the winning done by his homebred Wire Fox Terriers under his Louline prefix, successfully shown by his good friend George Ward. Their Hubbestad kennels produced and/or exhibited several other breeds, including Greyhounds, English Cocker Spaniels, Norwich Terriers and Whippets. Geir was great storyteller of his and Nenna’s life experiences, and when he would get a little off color or off track, his fall-back line was “I was just a poor, ignorant immigrant.”

Our personal friendship led to Geir becoming a regular Dog News columnist. His reminiscences of life became popular reading in these pages. He enjoyed international fame, with their dogs winning throughout Europe. He then became a well-known and popular judge, judging at major events throughout the world. As you know Geir was slated to judge this year’s Westminster Kennel Club, but as his health declined he thought it only fair to the club and to himself to decline. He was very pleased that his dear longtime friend Beth Sweigart, who was on the short list to judge Best, was selected. He lived to see that happen. Geir could be self-deprecating and regal at the same time. In telling stories he could drop names like no other.

While sharing his writings with the readers of Dog News, our joy was in the friendship we shared. With that somewhat reserved Scandinavian demeanor he could be down and dirty, wickedly funny and then on a dime turn it all around and be quite serious. He was a dear friend and supporter of Dog News, and we shall miss him and the unique place he held in our hearts. Rest in peace, dear friend, as we mourn another loss and another final Goodbye.



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