Santa Claus, aka Doc Johnson.
Fri, 11/25/2022 - 8:21am

Editorial: November 25, 2022

Santa’s coming

One month from today is Christmas. A happy holiday for all of us to bring good cheer and tidings to everyone everywhere. With that in mind, the annual Take the Lead Christmas Party held with the Eastern Dog Club in Springfield will take place on Saturday, December 10. Tickets for the dinner will be available at the dog show all weekend long.


Pam Beale, Santa, Judy Johnson, Mari-Beth O’Neill, Terry Hundt and Susan Sprung.


This year’s party will be held in memory of co-founder Pat Laurans. You can sit on Santa Claus’ lap and have your picture taken for $20 by dog-show photographer Andrea Ashbey to benefit Take the Lead. This party expands their charity work outside of our sport to include gifts for children hospitalized during the holidays. It is requested of those donating a toy to bring it unwrapped, and it will be delivered to the Children’s Hospital in Boston in time for Christmas Day. As you are aware, Take the Lead was created to help those of us in need. But just five days and a thousand miles south of the Take the Lead Christmas Party is another fund-raising event for the AKC Canine Health Foundation. This annual event, will be held on December 15 in Orlando, is underwritten by Tina and Bill Truesdale, as it has been for many years. It raises monies to fund research for canine diseases. Every year the President’s Award is given to someone who has helped promote and spread the word about the foundation. This year’s recipient is Mari-Beth O’Neill. Mari-Beth is finally getting all the recognition she deserves, and this accolade will be added to her induction to the Anne Rogers Clark Hall of Fame. The award was presented at the Purina® ProPlan® Show Dogs of the Year Awards Dinner partnered with Dog News. Show Santa you can give as good as you can get. 



Photo 1

Santa Claus, aka Doc Johnson.


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Pam Beale, Santa, Judy Johnson, Mari-Beth O’Neill, Terry Hundt and Susan Sprung.




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