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Editorial: November 6, 2020

2020 Breeders of the Year, Orlando and the COVID threat, and DOG NEWS expands


Of all the feel-good titles, awards and recognition bestowed on individuals, dogs, clubs and organizations by the American Kennel Club, none is more important or coveted than the Breeder of the Year Award. Selected by a committee of American Kennel Club directors and staff with some outside suggestions, every year seven breeders, one from each of the variety groups, are selected Breeder of the Year representing their respective groups. At the annual AKC dog show in Orlando, one is selected as the Breeder of the Year. This award is about recognition not competition, and should end with each Breeder of the Year honoree of their respective group without one being singled out at the end.



The AKC National Championship Dog Show Presented by Royal Canin is moving along full steam ahead. While it is commendable that the kennel club will enforce some health requirements, it is wise to remember that Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis has lifted every health warning and opened up the state to pre-COVID 19 conditions. So after attending the show in Orlando many states do require that you isolate for 14 days upon your return home, some also requiring Covid testing. It is a decision one must take seriously if one chooses to travel to Orlando just two weeks before Christmas.



We are pleased to introduce our three newest sales representatives Scott Sommer, Jennifer Miller Farias and Antoinelle Vulpis to our staff, joining Blake Hansen, Leslie Simis, Carol Grossman and Karen Justin. Scott has enjoyed a most successful handling career, reaching the pinnacle of wins, handling a Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winner, not once but twice. Jennifer needs no introduction as a second-generation breeder and exhibitor of Shih Tzu under the Krissy's prefix, handling Best in Show winners. Married to professional handler Esteban Farias, they live in North Carolina with their three children. Antoinelle Vulpis is a Skye Terrier exhibitor. She is a former employee of the American Kennel Club working as the sales manager of their publications. She brings her experience in digital and print advertising works. Their individual achievements in the sport bring a unique dimension to DOG NEWS. These six talented individuals are there to help you with all of your advertising needs.


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