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The Gossip Column, August 14, 2020

So much has happened and so much hasn’t happened since the nation was gripped by this pandemic. As if the virus hasn’t crippled us enough, our office had no electricity for the last week, thanks to the unpronounceable  hurricane named ISIASIS. But we are pleased to be publishing once again.

In person or not, delegates will be voting for the Class of 2025 at the March annual meeting. But before the votes are cast, a nominating committee selected by the sitting board  gets to nominate the four delegates they feel are qualified to sit on the board of directors. The committee is chaired by NANCY FISK from the Hockamock Kennel Club. Committee members include VIOLA BURGESS from the Naugatuck Valley Kennel Club, EDUARDO TOSHIO FUGIWARA from the Fort Lauderdale Kennel Club, HAROLD MILLER from the American Foxhound Club. The two alternates are MARGE CALLTHRAP from the Chinese Shar Pei Club of America and MELANIE STEELE from the Abilene Kennel Club. Interested delegates have until August 31st to submit their application. On October 15th the nominating committee will submit their four recommendations. The four directors whose terms are expiring are RITA BIDDLE from the Ingham Kennel Club, DOMINIC CAROTA from the Pharaoh Hound Club of America, who serves as the current vice chairman, THOMAS POWERS from the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills and THOMAS DAVIES from the Springfield Kennel Club and currently serving as chairman. One would hope that at this upcoming election the directors will not elect a chairman and vice chairman who only had one year to serve on the board. Talk about continuity. If I were a gambler I would bet even money that all four will throw their respective hats in the ring. Happy news, congratulations to new parents professional handlers ASHLEY WHITMORE and ALFONSO ESCOBEDO, who welcomed their son ANDRES ALEXANDER ESCOBEDO on May 13th, weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces. Best wishes to professional handler DEVON KIPP on her engagement to Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeder ADAM LEVY. DEVON is the daughter of professional handler SUSAN DEPEW and SCOTT KIPP and sister of fellow professional handler DEVON KIPP KEITH.

Plans to travel the country put aside, was it the coziness of the motor home or just being tired of driving, but RITA and DOUGIE HOLLOWAY have purchased a home in Florida. Usually when the WALL STREET JOURNAL has a front-page story about rats it’s the two-legged kind stealing someone else’s money, not out four-legged ones that are equally loathed. But there it was, a front-page article about how rats in Manhattan are becoming more abundant and aggressive looking for food during this pandemic. Our own RICHARD REYNOLDS was interviewed for this article, explaining how he founded R.A.T.S., a group of 65 people who regularly go into Manhattan with their dogs to hunt rats. Not a club I care to join, but very happy that it exists. Tally ho, is that proper etiquette for rat hunting?

Sadly, we lost members of dog showing during our hiatus. Breeder and owner of top-winning Dachshunds and a Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show-winning Pekingese IRIS LOVE passed away from the Covid-19 virus. What can be said about IRIS, vibrant, brilliant and beautiful, and fluent in Greek (which kept me on my toes). BRUCE KORSON Boxer breeder with his late wife JEANNE were the owners of a Westminster Working group winner, Fox Terrier breeder JO HOBBS, who many will remember associated with the late EVE BALLICH, multiple group judge and Cairn Terrier breeder MILDRED BRYANT from Texas who enjoyed a very long and storied judging career, another lady from Texas professional handler PATSY WADE who partnered in life and business with JUDI HARTELL, Sealyham breeder and handler then judge RAY BAY,  Poodle breeder and former employee of the American Kennel Club RON RELLA. All of us at Dog News send our deepest condolences to their family and friends.

From overseas, two world-famous hound breeders and judges: MARION SPAVIN, who bred Beagles in England under the Dialynne prefix, whose Beagles were as famous as her joke telling. Let’s just say that hers was not typical dry British humor. GORAN BODEGARD, world-famous Greyhound breeder from Sweden passed away at the age of 80. An FCI all-breed judge, GORAN  judged at all the major shows around the world and was acknowledged as an international breed authority.

Hoping that you all stay safe and sound. Please use caution as you are traveling greater distances to attend the dog shows. It's great to be back!





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