Farewell to that Westminster staple, the Hotel Pennsylvania.
Mon, 09/06/2021 - 7:20pm

The Gossip Column, September 3, 2021

New AKC reps, Hotel Pennsylvania closes its doors

With the recent retirement of PATTI PROCTOR, head of the AKC field representatives, a replacement was needed. In what can only be called a perfect replacement, SANDY D’ANDREA has been promoted to Field Director of Conformation. SANDY’S credentials are second to none: With her nine years of experience as a field rep and all those years holding onto those Alaskan Malamutes (with great success, I might add), she’s a natural for this job. All of us at DOG NEWS send her our best wishes on her new position. ...

Next week is the WESTCHESTER KENNEL CLUB weekend, shows that mark the end of summer. Before you know it, the long-awaited MORRIS & ESSEX KENNEL CLUB show will be held. Then as we start to think about planning for January’s WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB dog show, we are faced with another closing in the ever-changing post-Covid world. The once storied and lately tattered HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA has closed its doors for good. The fourth-largest hotel in Manhattan, with an ideal location across from the Pennsylvania train station and Madison Square Garden, this was a long-ago home to many specialty shows and the headquarters for those attending WESTMINSTER. For years now, rumors swirled about how the Garden was going to move and the hotel was going to be razed and replaced by a large office skyscraper. Ownership of the property changed hands, and the newest owner waited for all those plans to materialize so as to make a financial killing. Unfortunately, as the owners waited, the hotel was in need of major updates that never occurred. Change takes time, and the Garden is still sitting on top of the train station and now there is no one answering the phone at PEnnsylvania 6-5000. Time to start making new hotel plans. ...

A knee injury has sidelined judge DOLORES BURKHOLDER, and as a result she is canceling her remaining judging assignments for the rest of the year. ...

The AMERICAN COMPOSERS ORCHESTRA will perform the New York premiere of two of KAREN LEFRAK’S original works, DAYBREAK and WHEN for clarinet and piano. It will take place on September 28 at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in Manhattan. ...

All of us at DOG NEWS were saddened and shocked to hear the devastating news that handler LORAN MORGAN’S beloved mother LINDA REKART BASSO and stepfather MARION were fatally injured in a car accident just days before they were to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Our thoughts and prayers are with LORAN and his family during this difficult time. ...

One of the nicest reasons to visit Florida was seeing PEGGY HAUCK, who judged the Toy and Non-Sporting groups. Sadly, PEGGY passed away earlier this week. Always smiling and happy to help, for a while she carried on the tradition of the annual Golf Tournament during the Florida circuit following the passing of her dear friend, field representative MICHAEL SAUVE. Our deepest sympathies to her husband GUY and family.



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