Every show is comprised of many different elements: exhibitors, owners, stewards, superintendents, show committee, club officials and members, vendors, professional handlers, spectators and, of course, judges. In order for a show to be successful and enjoyable, all these disparate people need to... Read More

When the going gets rough, think "wire."
Using breed-specific words incorrectly can convince experts you know nothing about their breed. Read More
Sid Marx ponders how financial considerations affect our sport. Read More

There can be an entirely different dog under all that hair.
Geir Flyckt-Pedersen ponders just how true that is in the show ring. Read More

"Put me in, coach!" But should we?
Sid Marx asks: Is it time for us to rethink our breed rosters?  Read More
Margaret Poindexter advocates going back to basics for the American Kennel Club. Read More
Teeny paper umbrellas? You shouldn't have (But Michael's glad you did ... ) Read More
Andrew Brace weighs in on varying priorities -- and the danger of numbers. Read More


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