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Africa Awaits

How dog shows led to 20 years of shared adventures

It all began in the wee hours of the morning in 1999. 

We – Kim and Angela Booth – were working late after our largest dog-show cluster of the year. We were fantasizing about what our dream vacation would be. We agreed that a photo safari to Africa would be at the top of the list. 

Kim was reminded of what one of his dog-show-photography mentors said to him years earlier: “If you want to learn about proper animal structure and movement, go to a zoo and watch the animals there.” We knew that seeing animals in the wild would be even better than a zoo. In the wilds of Africa, natural selection takes over completely, and the strongest, best examples of the species thrive, while the weaker, less sound individuals don’t last long enough to reproduce.  

In researching where to go, we found that the continent of Africa is made up of more than 50 countries and is three times larger than all of North America. We decided Kenya was to be our first destination. 

Being a serious workaholic, Kim was only able to commit to leaving for a seven-day adventure. The discoveries made during these seven days were beyond our wildest expectations. On that seventh day, as we left teary eyed, we vowed to return again. 



The next year, our seven-day limit was increased to 10 days, and our destination changed to Tanzania. This trip provided us with learning experiences, adventures and disasters that could fill this entire article and more. It was the type of trip that would make you never want to go back or make you fall deeply in love with the country and its people. Kim and I fell into the latter category, obviously. But we knew we had to become proactive and learn more on our own to get the most out of our future journeys. Our hearts were heavy as we left Tanzania after 10 days. 

The following year we expanded our explorations to Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa for 14 days! At the completion of this trip, we were firmly addicted. Other vacation destinations just did not compare. We were hooked!



When we would return from our safaris, we shared our photos and stories with our many friends at the dog shows. Our dog friends, loving animals and nature as much as we do, were very interested in our adventures. Connie Gerstner Miller was the first to ask us to put together a trip for her family and a few close friends. After some coaxing, we agreed, and put together a wonderful trip to northern Tanzania, which is still one of our favorite destinations. The success of this trip and the closeness and bonding of our travel group convinced us that sharing our African adventures was rewarding beyond words. As the trips unfold, our groups become almost like family … our travel family. We enjoy getting to see Africa through “fresh eyes” each time we share a safari with first timers.



We have learned a great deal from each of our trips. Gradually we developed a travel style we are very comfortable with. There are many important details we have perfected over the years. It is not enough to choose a great safari destination. You need to know what destinations are ideal at the time you are planning to visit. We have become skilled at putting together itineraries which offer varied and extraordinary game-viewing opportunities as well as a chance to view different topography in each area. 



We have been designing our own itineraries for more than 15 years now to meet our high standards, both in quality game viewing and excellent lodges. Our groups tend to see more wildlife on each of our trips than we saw on our first four “prepackaged” safaris. Choice of lodging is key to having a phenomenal safari. The size and location of the lodging, the quality and comfort of the lodges, friendly and skilled staff, excellent kitchen staff that are well trained in proper food-handling safety as well as preparation of meals that will appeal to our groups are all paramount. You are unlikely to drop any weight while on safari with us! 



Great guides make for a great safari! The guides we use are a wealth of knowledge, have fascinating stories to share and have a true passion for their work. We have learned how to set a reasonable pace, goals and standards for our trips and achieve all we set out to accomplish with the help of a wonderful booking agency here in the States and phenomenal ground partners and guides while in Africa.

As the years have passed, we have put together numerous trips to both east and southern Africa. Our fellow travelers are mainly our dog-enthusiast family: judges, handlers, breeders, exhibitors and even a few horse and chicken friends as well as family members of ours and our friends. We welcome anyone with a common interest and love of nature and animals who can go with the flow. Things do not always go perfectly according to plan while in Africa, but they will always turn out wonderfully with the proper attitude.



The experiences of elephants peacefully grazing within inches of your safari vehicles. The adrenaline rush of watching lions or a cheetah stalking prey. Lying in your warm, comfortable bed at night listening to the calls of lions, jackals or hyena. Waking in the morning to the sounds of the birds gleefully announcing the start of a new day. Raising a glass to toast a glorious sunset. Gazing up at the night sky filled with more twinkling stars than you can imagine. These are all treasures of an African safari. 



Kim and I are always on the hunt for people who would like to join us. Africa is one of our favorite topics of conversation. Feel free to contact us if you have interest in joining us on an amazing African adventure. You can contact us by email at



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