M.J. Nelson

Photo ML Baer Photography.
The Schipperke has big-dog attitude in a small-dog package. Read More

Celine (Ch MACH Argent’s Arctic Elegance UDX RE HSAs MXC MJB MXP2 MXPB MJP OF) is an agility champion in addition to her obedience, rally, conformation and herding titles.
These Arctic dogs are a ‘many hats’ breed. Read More

You think a dog's life is easy?
M.J. Nelson admits there are a multitude of things about dogs that remain a complete mystery. Read More
M.J. Nelson explores the canine equivalent of a saloon-busting brawl. Read More

My dog hunts. You got a problem with that?
And neither, it seems, do a lot of dog people. Read More

Some parent clubs have developed working programs that are specific to their breed’s historical activity, such as the Dalmatian Club of America’s road dog program.
Planning your dog's life after dog shows. Read More


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