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Illinois cluster cancelled after unnamed fancier calls in complaint. Read More
It is amazing the things you find when you are stuck at home with ample time to begin processing your belongings accumulated for decades. Pat Trotter unpacks. Read More
Our sport is not just what we do – it is who we are. Read More
From temperature checks to mandatory masks, the late-July shows in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, were a safe return to dog showing. Read More
Can your dog contract the virus? Should he be tested? Read on for the latest information. Read More
Ever wonder what goes through a judge’s mind? What was he or she thinking? Truth is, judges are real people just like you and me.  Read More
In a jam-packed week of glamorous Westminster events, the Show Dog of the Year Awards are probably the most exclusive of all.  Read More
Were the great show dogs of the past really that great? Bo Bengtson looks back at a quartet of Sighthounds that do stand the test of time. Read More
The early years of the 20th Century were the golden years for the dog being used as a symbol of nationhood and patriotism.  Read More
We regret to inform our readers that long-time professional handler and well-known Bichon Frise breeder Joe Waterman has passed. Read More


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