Celine (Ch MACH Argent’s Arctic Elegance UDX RE HSAs MXC MJB MXP2 MXPB MJP OF) is an agility champion in addition to her obedience, rally, conformation and herding titles.
These Arctic dogs are a ‘many hats’ breed. Read More

Caddy (DC BIF Lakilanni Pink Cadillac SC FCh JSR), one of Cindy Sisson’s Greyhounds, happily pursues the lure at a coursing event.
But Greyhounds are versatile, too. Read More

This Sealy has found a niche she likes in trick work. She’s quite adept, for a dog, at piano playing.
Sealyhams are little dogs with a big working spirit. Read More

Hunting puts a lilt in a Sporting dog’s gait and frequently a swagger in its step.
Autumn means hunting season for scent-obsessed Sporting dogs. Read More

For Tuppence (Ch Avalon For a Tuppence at Bethany Beach DCAT SWAT SCE SBN SHDN RATN TKN), owned by Beth Kravetz, any coursing event is “yahoo time.”
Small but spunky, the Norfolk Terrier is a lot of dog in a spirited package. Read More

My dog hunts. You got a problem with that?
And neither, it seems, do a lot of dog people. Read More
Here’s a roadmap for rookies. Read More


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