Bullmastiff advice: Trust your gut.
Fri, 09/17/2021 - 1:26am

Question of the Week

If you could give judges ONE SENTENCE of advice, caution or wisdom about your breed, what would it be?


Jason Hoke

Madison, Wisconsin

The Great Dane is a regal and majestic dog, always a unit, possessing strength and elegance, never being clumsy or coarse.


Jim Deppen

Bangor, Pennsylvania

The abundance of wrinkling all throughout the body of a Neapolitan Mastiff should not be in excess (we want balanced, symmetrical and harmonious wrinkling attached to the skull!), and you must clearly see the eyes of the Mastino when judging them.


Arvind deBraganca

Lake City, Florida

Long of ribbing with long ribs, low of body from depth, level when standing, strong of character and easy in motion creates a balanced Dachshund.


Shauna DeMoss

Cedaredge, Colorado

Learn to recognize a correct Cane Corso headpiece, and don’t award poor structure.


Dan Palantino

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Type should always include breed-specific movement; we MUST stop talking about this as an either/or. (And that goes for both my breeds, Great Dane and Japanese Chin.)


Patrick Guilfoyle

Monroe, North Carolina

So little time, so much to say. The Azawakh’s movement when you see it for the first time is unlike any other Sighthound by a mile – the points of the standard that diverge from the generic Sighthound are of regional and environmental purpose, stemming from the historic.


Patricia Sosa

Madisonville, Louisiana

For the Frenchie, on the go-around look at silhouette. The Bullmastiff is the same – never question your gut, then you will make a mistake. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”!


Virginia Murray

Lake Island, Illinois

The Portuguese Water dog should have an impressive head, substantial bone, and a well-knit, off-square body.


Anna Stromberg

Brooksville, Florida

You should breathlessly admire the king of dogs while he indifferently stares right through you.


Liz Demery

Phoenix, Arizona

For the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which was created as a multi-purpose farm and hunting dog, endurance, balance and moderation are virtues, and these qualities can be lost when extremes are consistently awarded.


Julie L. Mueller

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Salukis are Sighthounds, therefore it is preferred to approach them from the front, and not from the sides.


Kassi McLaughlin

San Antonio, Texas

In a big-game hunter like the Dogo Argentino, don’t forsake functionality and type for a flashy show dog.


Mary Merlo

Youngsville, North Carolina

Judge like you were looking for a dog to take home for your breeding program.


Laura Reeves

Grants Pass, Oregon

It is called the German WIREhaired Pointer for a reason. (Quoting the standard: “The dog must have correct coat to be of correct type.”)


Dominic Carota

St. Simon’s Island, Georgia

Breed details matter.



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