World Dog Show, Paris, 2011.
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Question of the Week

Have you attended a World Dog Show, and do you expect to attend the December show in Brazil?

Margaret K. Mott

Livingston Manor, New York

While I have no plans to attend the World Show in Brazil this year, I have some wonderful memories from the World Show in Helsinki, Finland which I attended in 2014.  After some 60 years of attending dog shows, it takes a lot to be in awe of a show, but I certainly was here. It was so well orchestrated with rings running like clockwork, instant results from computers in rings, exhibitions, seminars and a welcoming committee in the press room who treated us like royalty.  The ease of getting to and from the show via the tram system in Helsinki was great, and this city is a gem! 

I admit to being somewhat disappointed by the entries in my own breed, the Norwegian Elkhound, but to be fair I knew that many of the top dogs would be at the national specialty in Norway (unfortunately) the same weekend. That said, the overall quality in many breeds was outstanding – Sighthounds in particular – and I loved watching the quality and uniformity of the many entries in the breeder’s classes. Sure wish we had these here!


Timothy Reese

Shelley, Idaho

We attended the World Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2019, and it was phenomenal. We did very well, winning first in the Group 9 competition with nearly 5,000 dogs in contention. And, YES, we are attending the 2022 World Dog Show in Brazil during December. It will be a LONG flight, but we are hopeful it will be worth it. There will be five of us going, so we are looking forward to a fun, enjoyable and SUCCESSFUL trip.


Kristi and Vernon A. Wheeler

Deer Park, Washington

I've been to two in Mexico City, one in Shanghai and one in Milan, Italy. I will not be attending the one in Brazil.

WDS are bigger than life. An awesome event for any dog enthusiasts. What I love is seeing breeds I would never see in the USA.

The event in Mexico City was one of the most emotionally moving for me when the Xolo was in the group ring and the locals chanted support for the dog and their native breed.

Each hosting country supports their national breed, so the entries can be large. You'll see some on rope leads, ungroomed (maybe never), and not comfortable in a mix of their own breed. I saw a lot of bloody bandages.

The WDS are wonderfully orchestrated with the huge entries and numbers. The facilities are massive.

AKC is just the U.S. boundaries — FCI is the rest of the world.


Carl J. Anderson

Simi Valley, California

At the 1971 World Dog Show in Mexico City as the handler of the Black Cocker Ch. Hi-Jacs Holy Smoke, bred by Jean and Jack Fowler and owned by Dr. Owen Young, we won the Hunting Dog Group (Sporting), which was written up by the Mexico City newspaper, and is at the top of the list of memories. In 1999, Rosalie and I attended the World Dog Show, also in Mexico City, and stayed at the host hotel, the InterContinental Presidente. Then-U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her entourage were staying at the same hotel; everybody had to go through security, everything was inspected, but we had a good time anyway!


Mike Macbeth

Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Starting with the World Show in Mexico 1978, I have either shown at or attended a number, including Buenos Aires in 2005, Leipzig, and two in Helsinki. I will not be attending Rio this year. Anyone who attended will agree that the best World Show of all time had to be Helsinki 1998, with the spectacular Miss Finland as emcee, and a memorable film that began the finals each evening. There will never be another show as spectacular.  


Lydia Coleman Hutchinson

Middletown, Maryland

I have been to four World Dog Shows and have enjoyed each one. Naturally, the best experience for me was in Helsinki, Finland, where I was privileged to judge Cairn Terriers, Poodles (medium), and Giant Schnauzers. There were high-quality entries in all those breeds. I do not plan to attend the upcoming one in Brazil.


Janet York

New York, New York

I don’t remember the year I was at the World Show in Prague, but I had my first Cavalier Piccadilly entered. This was probably late ’80s.
The judge went over my dog and then this other person showed up all dressed in a vet coat and I was asked through the translator to show all his teeth! Of course, one was missing, but no one told me he had to have full dentition. What the heck, he was a Cavalier.
The judge was very polite and wrote a glowing critique. But because of his one missing tooth he could not be placed. It was a long trip to find this out. Fortunately, my time in Prague was glorious!


Janice Mcclary

Hacienda Heights, California

We have attended and exhibited our Old English Sheepdogs at at least four World Dog Shows. We stopped our foreign travel when many countries no longer allowed docking and cropping. We will not be attending the World Dog Show in Brazil. Foreign travel for me will only happen if invited to judge.


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