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Question of the Week

Do you think the AKC should change its rules which provide that a single candidate for the Board of Directors is automatically elected without taking a stand on any AKC topic?

Roberta Lombardi

It doesn't sound like a good idea to me.  I am not sure what the procedure ultimately  is, but at the very least  there should be more information available to the fancy about the candidate and their ability to fulfill those duties.


Sylvia Arrowwood

This is a parliamentary question, among others, which is being addressed within the AKC's Bylaws Committee.


Polly Smith

To the best of my knowledge AKC does not have a rule on any candidate taking a stand on any AKC topic.  The candidates addressed the delegates at the December meeting. I was not there but I understand they set forth their agenda if elected to the board.


John Mandeville

No, I don’t think the rules should be changed – but I think candidates should have to answer all questions put to them from publications, delegates and clubs.


Pam Peat

I don’t think anyone should be elected for a one year term or without stating any positions on matters pertinent to AKC and its club members.


Don Schwartz

When someone is going to be elected to a position as important as the AKC Board of Directors, he or she should be required to give their position on the issues.


Wendy Willhauck

Yes, I do.


Gretchen Bernardi

Throughout my 33 years as a delegate, I have observed several deficiencies in our election process, of which this is just one. The bylaws committee is examining this issue currently, but there are so many other problems:  our altogether outdated and ineffective bylaws; the rapid turnover of delegates, who, due only to their short tenures, are susceptible to aggressive campaigning; the interference in the process by non-delegates; the reluctance of many qualified board candidates to run for office in a toxic environment. Where to begin?





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