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What are your memories and recollections of the late Geir Flyckt-Pedersen?


Bruce Schultz

Bonita, California

Geir Pederson will be missed as a judge and a person. I knew Geir from before he moved here and became a judge. He was the type of person you could talk to even if you were an exhibitor. I remember talking to Geir at length about dogs good and bad. We also laughed and carried on about whatever and whomever we wanted to. We talked about each other and gave each other a hard time about things we did or didn't do. I think we understood each other and really enjoyed being with each other. I wish he was still around since we hadn't seen one another for a long time because of Covid, my illness and his illness. God bless him wherever he is, and I hope to see him again someday.


Victor Malzoni, Jr.


A great judge, and a real gentleman.


Dr. Tracie Laliberte

Attleboro, Massachusetts 

Sincere condolences to family, friends and all who had the pleasure of knowing renowned judge and consummate dog man Geir Flyckt-Petersen. 

He awarded me Best Junior Handler at Crufts in 1984. The competition involved borrowing a dog to show, and swapping dogs mid-competition. He has always been so kind and gracious when we have communicated intermittently over the years. He was most pleased by my continued involvement in the sport of dogs.

Godspeed, sir.


Mari-Beth O’Neill

Cary, North Carolina

I feel very fortunate to have become acquainted with Geir and Nenna when they first moved to North Carolina, thanks to Ros. We shared many great meals together at each other's homes and several very thought-provoking conversations and some that were very funny. The sport has lost a person who loved every aspect of the sport and the breeding of purebred dogs.


Lydia Coleman Hutchinson

Middletown, Maryland

I enjoyed many insightful conversations with Geir. He and I were often on the same wavelength when it came to various breeds, and I greatly respected his opinions. A highlight for me was when I judged the Terrier Group at Morris & Essex in 2021 and he judged the group at Montgomery County three days later. I was thrilled to see him place three of the same dogs as I had and he had almost the same cut. I talked with him afterward and asked if he'd known the results from M&E; he assured me that he had purposely not checked the results. That's the kind of character and ethic he displayed. I miss him terribly.


Debbie Noderer 

Carmel, Indiana

I’ve never shown any dogs but have always followed the sport! We’ve had a German Shepherd Dog, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, a mini Long Haired Dachshund and a pittie mix. Just about five months ago I was talking to Geir on Facebook Messenger and I was telling him about my opera career. He informed me that in 1966 he got a “certificate” from his choir teacher of his “fabulous voice.” I told him, “Well, even through all my voice training, I’ve never received a certificate.” He thought that was pretty funny. I miss our chats.

Patty Pace 

Deltaville, Virginia

Grand accommodations, food, golf and so many laughs! Memories never to be forgotten! Geir was always in the middle of the FUN! 


Sioux Forsyth-Green

Pinehurst, North Carolina

We were at Mackinac Island with the Mussers for my father’s birthday. Bryce was about nine or 10. Geir started a “story” with “This is a bit long.” There were 10 to 12 people sitting there. Bryce says, “They are all long.” In response Geir says, “You’re just as bad as your grandfather!” Everyone was hysterically laughing. He always asked me how “that little shit” was.


Len Reppond

San Leandro, California

Although over the years we were only on a few panels together, I always looked forward to our visits. Geir was not just a knowledgeable judge, but he was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His brand of deadpan humor and his erudite reflections of the world around him always amused me and made me smile and laugh. Geir’s unique qualities made him memorable indeed, and he will be missed. 


Giselle Simonds 

Petaluma, California

He came to a judges education seminar for the Miniature Bull Terrier that I was presenting. After I took questions at the end, he asked me a question that I had not been asked before:

If I had to walk in the ring tomorrow to judge your breed, in three words describe what I should look for.

I am proud that in less than a minute, even though it felt longer, I had the answer:

Head, Attitude, Size. If the dog HAS this, you will be fine.


Pamela Bruce 

Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Within our friendship I came to learn that Geir was both my harshest critic and my biggest supporter. His dry wit and incomparable sense of humor kept me on my toes both in breeding/exhibiting my Airedales, and in my judging career. Geir was often my plus one to events at our bigger shows and vice versa. 

He would take great pleasure in reminding me that he was “both the brains AND the beauty of the operation.” He would often wear a red tie I had bought him that had become his favorite. He loved to tease me that his biggest fan had bought it for him. He would then ask if I liked it, as they had SUCH great taste in both neck ties and mentors. 

Geir would often call me when he knew I was on long road trips and keep me entertained with his amazing dog-show stories for hours on end. I enjoyed every moment and always learned a thing or two in the process. He would always ensure I checked in when I got to my destination safely.

My fondest memory will forever be this past year at Montgomery County KC Terrier Specialty. My Airedale won RBIS in the Bred-by Exhibitor competition. Geir knew she had just had a litter of nine puppies 16 weeks before that show, and that despite her records in Canada I wanted to retire her well in the U.S.

He had been an awesome coach, asking for reports on both her puppies and how she was coming along. He wanted to ensure I brought her back looking her best to retire at my favorite show. When I came out of the BIS ring that night I was SO excited with how she had shown her heart out that day.

As we were getting photos taken, Geir walked over to the podium and nodded and the biggest smile came over his face: "Well, I guess it is official ... You have finally graduated from being an Afghan Hound Trixie to an Airedale Terrier Trixie — and THAT will do!"

I will miss our chats and good times more than you will ever know, my friend — until we meet again.


Jay Hyman

Mt Airy, Maryland

I have known Geir for many years and always enjoyed watching him judge, as well as his magazine columns. In the last few years I have had occasion to have a question or comment about one of his columns, and when I sent it I almost immediately got a response, which was thoughtful, and explanatory.

I started in dogs with Wire Fox Terriers and since that was one of his original breeds, we had wonderful conversations about what they were like as compared with what they are like today. His kindness about taking time was always present. He will be missed by many, including me.


Diana Smiley

Santa Rosa, California

I never met the man. I was always looking forward to his articles in Dog News. He made such sense and lots of time saying exactly what was in my head. There are three great writers for Dog News that really hit home with their subjects; he was definitely one of them.

I was little disappointed that he wasn't going to judge Best in Show at Westminster because I could finally get to see him judge. Then to hear that he passed away was such a sad thing for me.



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