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What do you think about AKC holding eight independent owner-handled events as a separate event for which exhibitors will pay an entry fee?


Barbara Didjurgis

Jupiter, Florida

As an owner-handler, I feel that asking for an entry fee for a regional competition is wrong. This should be a no-fee situation, as the dogs entered will also compete in the regular classes and pay a normal entry fee. The next step is to charge for NOHS. This is a rabbit hole that will cut the number of competitors. Qualifying for regional competition is fine, but charging is not. 


Linda Sansom

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If the owner-handler event can be entered without entering the dog in a regular class at an event, the dog should pay an entry fee.

If the dog is entered in a regular class event at the show, there should NOT be a charge for the Owner-Handled class.


Elizabeth Denning

Somerset, Massachusetts

I showed horses for 35 years, then Borzoi and now Engies. It constantly amazes me how dog folks do NOT want to pay for something!

No one is holding a gun to your head; if you do not want to pay, DON'T GO! This is a choice — Olympians, dancers, swimmers, golfers, racehorses, show horses, etc., PAY. What makes dog people so entitled that they feel they do not have to pay for things? I have never figured that out.

I would be thrilled to have regional NOHS shows! I shall happily pay.


Jodie Childers 

Springfield, Illinois

No, I think it's a terrible idea. It will only continue to separate these two groups and stoke the idea that not being a professional makes for a lesser competitor. We have plenty — actually, too many — dog shows. Step up to the plate; don't settle to play T-ball.


Dorene Beyette Villasenor 

Chicago, Illinois

I think AKC is wrong in charging an entry fee for the Owner-Handled Series. It is like giving the owner-handler an even platform, then just taking it away. The fees for attending dog shows have taken on a life of their own, making it hard for the average person to attend as it is. Then the clubs also have extra work when there aren’t enough members in the club to share the load anymore.

AKC is just adding more fees. More stress for the clubs, and I think it is just unfair to the owner-handled exhibitors.


Susan Kwiatkowski

Lebanon, New Jersey

If it’s a separate dog show, makes sense, but there are too many shows now for the number of entries, so why add more shows? Bad idea.


Tina McGuigan

Hampton, Virginia

I'll enter!


Pamela Preston

Shingle Springs, California

While I am a HUGE advocate and participant in NOHS competition, I was very disappointed to see this new event. To me, it creates an elite group of owner-handlers who can travel to earn TWICE the points they would normally earn at a typical dog show. I feel it creates an unfair advantage for those who can travel, not to mention I'm sure it's yet another way for AKC to bring in additional revenue.  

In the grand scheme of NOHS, most folks will not be able to travel to the eight regional shows, and those who can afford to do it will quickly outrank those who cannot, whether they have the better dog or not. Sadly, I think it may also cause a division among NOHS competitors. I hope not, but we'll see ...


Gladys W. Knox

Armagh, Pennsylvania

If the NOHS stand-alone shows have points and majors awarded, then it would be fine to have a fee. Otherwise, no.


Karen Mull

Lititz, Pennsylvania

I think this is a great idea, unless the points you get from these shows blow others out from rankings because people can’t get to these shows. I think there are still a lot of questions concerning this new event that the AKC hasn’t acknowledged to the owner-handlers.


Mark Francis Jaeger 

Mason, Michigan

There's a good likelihood that I would enter if one was reasonably close to home. I just wonder where AKC will find the host clubs. My all-breed club has discussed the possibility of hosting the competition, and decided that we won't be able to make this commitment.


Nanci Hanover 

Simi Valley, California

Won't pay for Owner-Handled!


Carolyn Lichty

Duluth, Minnesota

Already paid to enter BOB.

Will there be an additional charge for the groups?


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