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Question of the Week

What do you think about Westminster's recent announcement that its 2025 show will be returning to Manhattan in February?


Elizabeth Faber

Winchester, Connecticut

Good decision. The flavor of Westminster will return with the decision to move back to Manhattan in February.


Joan Krumm

Poplar Grove, Illinois

Aside from the charm of the Garden, it can be a nightmare for small dogs in the harsh winter climate. The spring/summer atmosphere is more relaxed and beautiful.


David Frei

Seattle, Washington

Great news. Westminster belongs in Manhattan and it belongs in the Garden. 

Congratulations to President Dr. Donald Sturz and the people of the Westminster Kennel Club for bringing the show home.


Brian Clegg

Cincinnati, Ohio

No place like “home.” Let new traditions begin. Thank you to all involved in keeping Westminster alive the last few years. Monumental task. 


Wayne Ferguson

Broadway, New Jersey

Although Westminster held four beautiful shows away, there's nothing like coming home!

The Morris & Essex Kennel Club is also thrilled that the fancy will again be assembling in Manhattan under the Westminster banner: After several years of meeting via Zoom, we will resume our in-person annual meeting on Sunday, February 9, at the New Yorker Hotel.


Sandra L. Pierce

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I think I will be part of a huge majority – I’m over the moon.

Westminster and New York City are joined at the hip. If it’s not in New York in February, it’s not Westminster.


Desi Murphy

Monroe, New York

Everyone is so happy the Garden is back in New York City! It will be the best show ever. Progressive will be a two-day show at the New Yorker.


Leighanne Dauro

Hazel Green, Alabama

The difficulty with expense, travel, traffic, and availability of green spaces to potty dogs makes the Manhattan venue less desirable than another recently used location, in my opinion.

Expense: Manhattan hotel prices are extremely expensive, and cost-prohibitive for many … restaurants and other stores/activities are also higher in price than at nearly every other venue. 

Travel: Traveling to and from Manhattan by either air or personal vehicle is at the best of times very challenging.

Traffic: Difficulty getting from hotel to show site and vice versa is an unfortunate fact, is incredibly unpredictable, and can be a time-wasting, time-consuming activity.

Pottying: Although the show site plans well for pottying entries, the same cannot be said of the hotels and other venues anywhere nearby … their facilities are primarily concrete and not conducive to pottying dogs (particularly dogs who are unused to pottying in concrete areas).

As an alternative suggestion, I enjoyed IMMENSELY the grounds and location of the Lyndhurst Estate venue in Tarrytown.  It was an absolutely LOVELY location for the WKC show, reminiscent of the days of “elegant and grand shows,” and I would return with enthusiasm to that show site. The beautiful setting with white tents, large green spaces, ample parking and easy access was extremely impressive, and I would certainly love to see the WKC return to that location.


Connie Bartlett 

Rohnert Park, California

Great news that WKC is returning home to Manhattan. 

Let’s hope the date stops fluctuating, so qualifications can return to normal. 

Westminster BOD: Please allow the Top 10 in each breed to balance out the breed counts properly. 


Sharon Jones

Mohrsville, Pennsylvania        

At this time, I, along with numerous other people I know, do not think New York City is the safest place to be. Also, February is a month that could possibly be a problem with weather, making it difficult to drive and delays in flights. I, personally, do not want to be out walking my purebred dogs at night in New York City. Also, the other issue is lodging. So many hotels in New York are occupied with migrants and homeless. Just the other day a suspected terrorist was arrested there with weapons and officials’ attire.
I personally do not choose to attend unless the venue is changed. I shall not put my dogs at risk.


Dr. Daniel W. Dowling 

Hope, Maine

Historical traditions are one of the few characteristics separating us humans from monkeys and apes, and tradition has it that Westminster is held in Manhattan in February. (Albeit Flushing in May had some real perks!)


Iva Kimmelman 

Stow, Massachusetts 

I think it's wonderful!

In this climate of uncertainty and an unknown future, I LOVE seeing something going back to traditions involving our sport. 

I wonder why the option in May didn't work? Too easy? 

I wonder if it's just that dog people like the challenges of New York City in February over a comfortable sunny day.

It most certainly will separate the real devoted from the crybabies. 


Dianne Tyree

Brookline, New Hampshire 

I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep

And find I'm king of the hill

Top of the heap.



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