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Question of the Week

What do you think about Westminster returning to Lyndhurst?

Tom Bradley

Watertown, New York

For those of us who have for many years enjoyed the Lyndhurst experience, Westminster’s announcement was well received. Two unequaled traditions joining forces once again to bring this magnificent show to this fabulous setting. It wasn’t surely an easy decision by the committee and the members, but, for me, it was the right decision for this exact period of time. I'm excited, and I've already made my hotel reservation. It's only five and half months away! You had better start packing! Congratulations to everyone concerned!


Tracy Hite

Strasburg, Colorado

I think it’s great! Already made my hotel reservations and plan to attend! So excited.


Beth Sweigart

Bowmansville, Pennsylvania

I think it’s wonderful that the Westminster Kennel Club was able to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute and secure such a wonderful venue yet again, and at a cost that must be astronomical.

I hope that they are blessed with the weather they enjoyed last year, and I am delighted to be able to be a part of the show this year.

Looking to the future I think it’s imperative that the forces that be muster all their collective ingenuity, initiative and influence to try to secure a permanent home for Westminster that will adequately serve the public, the exhibitors and provide a worldwide audience for purebred dogs.


Ellen Worthington

Columbiana, Alabama

Great idea for annually! Certainly more pleasant than Madison Square Garden in February. I’ll miss it in a couple of weeks, but June at a beautiful venue is fine. 


Glen Lajeski 

Cloverdale, California

Can you say FABULOUS!


Susan Watts

Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania

San Pedro, Belize

I think it’s absolute insanity.


Allison Alexander

Sidney, British Columbia

I think we all expected (at least I did) that WKC would end up back at Lyndhurst after the decision to postpone the January dates. The venue was tried and true. 

However, I am very disappointed that WKC failed to take the World Dog Show in Madrid into consideration. The dates run directly into each other without even a one-day break between. The Spanish kennel club has already had to postpone its dates from 2020, and WKC moving its dates seems like it will hurt the ability of both shows to be truly international.


Terry Hundt

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Sorry Westminster has to go through this again, but what a beautiful, wonderful alternative!


Laura Winston

El Dorado Hills, California

This is fabulous! Especially in June. February in New York City is brutal trying to travel across country to the East Coast.


Barbara Miller

Brookville, New York

From the beginning of Westminster losing the piers, the Garden, the whatever, who cares? Westminster in June at the Lyndhurst Estate is just perfect. I’ve been preaching this for months. I wasn’t able to attend last June, but sure as hell I’ll be there this time around. Just streaming the show from home and seeing how perfect it was, I must admit I was a bit jealous having to have missed the event. I welcome the excitement.


Sally Sklar

Nashville, Tennessee

Should have been moved there years ago. New York City is no place for any dog show. Dangerous, dirty, parking and RV issues, very hard to handle show equipment. Hope it stays at the lovely new location.


Lydia Coleman Hutchinson

Middletown, Maryland

I am delighted with the news since I was unable to attend in 2021.  I heard glowing reports about that show at Lyndhurst, and I'll be glad to visit there again, a place where I have judged and shown my dogs numerous times.


Patrick Byrne

Kansas City, Kansas

From what I saw of the broadcast in June of the estate venue, I was very impressed.

New York in February can be daunting. I realize it is tradition, but given the current state of the world I cannot imagine anything more enchanting than rings full of gorgeous canines strutting their stuff against an elegant and stately background. 

I certainly hope to attend.


Barb Horsey

Clarkston, Michigan

Wonderful to return to this site!


Norma Hansburg

Walker Valley, New York

I loved it. Best one ever. Warm, friendly, great parking, hospitality and great site.


Anita Riley

Mt. Washington, Kentucky

I think it is great that Westminster will be held on another date. I personally don’t want them to change the date or location. When it’s not in the city and cold, it’s just another dog show. Been attending and bringing dogs for 20 years. Thank you for making it work for the past two years.


Gail Krieger

Valley Springs, Calaveras County, California

Certainly, I approve if it helps to meet New York State health issues. After all, the hope is that we'll some day get back to some semblance of normal. And, who knows, it could be the exhibitors actually prefer the Lyndhurst location. I've heard it's gorgeous.


Karen Ash

Moultonborough, New Hampshire

I am so happy to hear of the venue change. I was praying this would be it as it was such a breath of fresh air last year!


Tuni Conti

Oxford, Connecticut

They did such a bang-up job last year! I say yippee and thank you! Let’s hope for great weather!  


Xiomara B. Larson

Glastonbury, Connecticut

I think is a great idea, and should stay there. The best thing after Madison Square Garden. Elegance, with better weather – if doesn’t rain.



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