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Question of the Week

What is the one grooming aid you can’t live without?


Carrie Chase

Martinsburg, West Virginia

My Dremel tool. With Pembroke Welsh Corgis, others can be substituted – or unused. I believe the value of most grooming aids is to keep people busy before they enter the ring.


Lynda Beam

Grayslake, Illinois

I can't live without my Greyhound comb.


Sandy Harris

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Grooming tool? One of my most hilarious days in the dog-show world!

I was showing a difficult-to-handle brindle Great Dane on a hot summer day. I always bring a spray bottle filled with cool water with me, but I really couldn't carry a large one into the ring on this day, as I had all I could do to keep this dog under control.

Instead, I found a very small, empty pump-spray container that once held Ban deodorant. (This was a long time ago.) I filled it with water, and it was small enough that I could easily carry it and spray a fine mist onto the enormous dog, and he loved it.

The following week a man walked over to me and asked how I thought his Great Dane looked.

A little confused, I said, "He looks fine. Why?"

His answer: "I am doing what you do, and my dog is really shiny."

I still didn't understand what he meant until he took out a bottle that contained Ban deodorant! He was spraying deodorant on his dog! Thank goodness he didn't see me spray the water into the dog's mouth!


Glen Lajeski

Cloverdale, California

I actually have two indispensable grooming aids. One is my partner Gerry. He doesn’t allow me to touch a clipper or scissor. The other for show coats is Joseph Vergnetti. For use of either grooming aid, it’s best for me to stay far away. 


Vandra L. Huber

Woodinville, Washington

The one grooming aid I cannot live without are my fingers. Yes, I know you wanted me to say comb or brush or hair spray, but it is my fingers and hands. I can't hold any tools or brush any coat without my hands. I learned this the hard way when I hurt my hand and I tried to groom my Scottie. I couldn't hold a brush, a comb, a stripping knife or even push the hairspray button. And as I get older, I realize just how important they are to me and sport that I love.


Margaret K. Mott

Livingston Manor, New York

Two items, actually – my Challengair Airmax Forced Air Dryer and a simple Greyhound comb. Give me a nice day and a freshly bathed dog and you’ll find me out on the deck using both and in doing so helping all the birds to line their nests with some lovely insulation. Can’t tell you how many bird nests I’ve found around the property which have been lined with soft and downy Norwegian Elkhound undercoat – recycling at its finest!


Jeanne Nonhof

Plymouth, Wisconsin

My portable grooming table. I had one specially made about four inches shorter than normal to make it easier for the older dogs to jump onto it and back down. Grooming tables save backs. Also, the stools available at Walmart are just right for using at the grooming table; they can slide nicely beneath it when not in use and are collapsible for easy transport to shows.


Honi Reisman 

Baldwin Harbor, New York

My groomer.


Bill Shelton

Pomona, California

A Poodle comb! And the vision and knowledge in using it to its best advantage in both conditioning and show stripping the Pembroke Welsh Corgi coat. Great tool for a double-coated breed like mine. 


Barbara Miller

Brookville, New York

My first Norfolk was 1973. I asked the late accomplished handler of Terriers Cliff Hallmark for advice on grooming. He told me I didn’t need all the knives I brought to his set-up for advice. Cliff told me the only tool I needed was my index finger and thumb. After a few tries I gave up and started using knives.


Lita Long

Turner, Oregon

OES! Cornstarch ...


Janice M. Leonard

Denver, Colorado

That’s a hard one! The single grooming tool that is the must-have with Shelties for me has to be my Mason Pearson brush.


Dana Read

Hillsborough, North Carolina

Original Resco dog nail clippers! Have used these on many different breeds over MANY years, never even had to order replacement blades. They get the job done! And EVERY dog needs good toenail care!


Dina Burke

Augusta, Kentucky

Grooming spray, especially Royal Crown. 


Thea Lahti

New London, New Hampshire

Easy question – my stripping knife (can I say knives?) for grooming my Irish Terrier.


Janet York

New York, New York

A brush! No trimming allowed on Cavaliers, so it is wash, dry and brush!


Maripi Wooldridge

Mebane, North Carolina




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