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Question of the Week

What measures other than Meet the Breeds should the American Kennel Club use to promote purebred dogs?


Sharon Sakson 

Brooksville, Florida

Listening to the three anchors on the “CBS Mornings” national broadcast on Friday, they spoke glowingly of Meet the Breeds. They recommended Nate attend to choose his new breed. He eagerly agreed and said he would take the whole family, as they were interested in a Labradoodle or Bernerdoodle. They would like to get to know these breeds. 

I wish Gina had been there for some education!


Dana Read

Hillsborough, North Carolina

There are so many ads on TV for various rescue agencies. It would be great, in my opinion, if AKC could counter with ads that highlight the benefits of purebred dogs and the benefits of having an AKC-registered dog. No, it would not be cheap, but I should think the increase in litter registrations and entries would cover quite a bit of the cost in the long run.  


Kristi and Vernon A. Wheeler

Maricopa, Arizona

I think AKC should run advertising on prime-time television just like the Humane Society, etc. I have never seen advertisements showing the pride of owning a purebred dog. I think Purina is the only one that shows that their food makes a winner at dog shows.


Sherry Mayo

Clarendon, Vermont

The AKC could promote purebred dogs by soliciting partnerships with celebrities to speak/publish on various media platforms about the advantages and facts revolving around the breeding of purebred dogs, and why it makes a difference in the quality of life for the dog.


Janice M. Leonard

Denver, Colorado

Meet the Breeds is a good thing in New York, but they need to take this type of outreach to other areas of the country. The message needs more exposure than just New York City.

Johnny Shoemaker

Las Vegas, Nevada

AKC should use the money they have — and they have lots of money — to buy advertising on local and sometimes national TV to promote the advantages of having an AKC purebred dog. They should have the board of directors go on local TV to promote the local dog shows and also to be the "go to" person on purebred dogs. AKC should also have some kind of article that is updated each month to be included in local newspapers. There are lots of TV stations in New York and Raleigh, North Carolina, and lots of AKC employees who could go on TV and talk about AKC purebred dogs. We cannot just sit around and let PETA and other organizations win this battle.


Karen Mull

Lititz, Pennsylvania

They should sponsor a “Meet the Breeds” television series on Animal Planet or something that provides breed-specific information to the public and promotes the AKC.


Barbara Miller

Brookville, New York

Many years ago, a television advertisement was produced at my home by AKC to promote purebred dogs. To my knowledge it never was seen on television. Television, radio, magazines and of course Facebook etc. are all venues for singing the praises of the purebred dog, but the AKC doesn’t take advantage of these sources. It’s wonderful that some shows receive national coverage — Westminster, Philadelphia — but those shows aren’t designed for the public to understand purebred canines, as they are hours long. We need simple advertisements on the above-mentioned venues to encourage the public to seek out purebred breeders. Many times we see adverts for rescue dogs but never for our purebreds. We need our all-breed shows to hold their shows in their territory to encourage the community to attend, and get to speak with breeders, handlers and committee members, all available to discuss the purebred dog and the purpose thereof.  I’ve just completed a “history” of Long Island Kennel Club from its beginnings, 1903 to 2020.  As I re-read it, I’m dismayed at how entries have fallen year to year, but see no positive initiative taken by the AKC to rectify the situation. The dog world needs help and just possibly we need to concentrate on how to get the public to attend our ma/pa local shows rather than leave our territory and set up shop in an area our intended local community never visits.


Nancy Russell

Walsenburg, Colorado

Promote AKC dogs? Put up billboards on all the major highways across the U.S. Have commercials on TV and local radio stations like we see for ASPCA, promoting only buy from an AKC Breeder of Merit. Have Meet the Breeds at every state fair.


Lorene Wilson

Murrieta, California

The future of purebred dogs is in a perilous position without AKC support and encouragement of all breeders. 

The Breeder of Merit program is wonderful program specifically designed to recognize breeders, and the AKC Marketplace is fantastic concept for members of the public to source reputable legitimate breeders. In addition, the AKC should seriously consider a requirement that clubs offer a standard entry-fee discount rate for BBE class, puppy class and Junior Showmanship to encourage and promote the future preservation breeding of purebred dogs.  

AKC Meet the Breeds events should consider hosting an "AKC Meet the Puppies" RING for the valued socialization of four- to six-month puppies, complete with AKC trainers hosting a variety of enrichment activities for members of the public to meet, interact and engage with purebred puppies. Everyone is intrigued and inspired by puppies. The AKC could utilize an AKC Meet the Puppies with enrichment engagement programing to teach folks about basic puppy care as a special event hosted at the televised dog shows. VIP ticketholders would gain VIP access to the ring and special event to Meet the Puppies.



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