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Question of the Week

What was the funniest joke you played on April Fool's Day – or what was the funniest joke played on you?



Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine

Ann Arbor, Michigan

While in college my eldest son, Pat, called us, and while we were having a nice conversation, he happened to throw in that he had gotten a girl pregnant. I fell for it until he started to laugh, and I realized what day it was. 


Karen Irazabal, RN

Selah, Washington

The funniest joke played on me for April Fool’s Day was the delivery of 12 Afghan Hound pups on April 1, 2010, when we were expecting a good-sized litter of eight, maybe nine pups!  


Susan Nakamura

North Salem, New York

Jim Deppen

Bangor, Pennsylvania

A friend dropped off his German Shorthaired Pointer bitch to board while he was away on vacation. She was in season, but he wanted to hold off and wait until her next cycle before breeding her. I happened to be breeding another solid-liver GSP bitch, so I snapped a photo of the tie and sent it to him. He thought it was his bitch, and nearly lost his mind. April Fool’s!




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