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Question of the Week

What was your impression of the AKC National Championship dog show?


Allison Alexander

Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

I thought the AKC National Championship was a huge success. Great entries, good crowd and it was nice to see dogs from all over the world competing. That makes a huge difference to me as I can see what is upcoming and what dogs I have admired are producing. Even in breeds I don't breed, I am still curious as to what similarities offspring of different producers have. All in all, I think it was a great show as we come into the "new normal" around the world.


Michelle Sager

Hoboken, New Jersey

I think it was the best televised dog show I’ve seen. In three hours, we were able to see all the breeds in well-edited exams/movement and group placements. The commentators were able to come up with some facts about the breeds that we don’t hear time and time again, and of course, none of the annoying cutsie bits that are included in other broadcasts.


Bettina Sterling

Media, Pennsylvania

It was beyond fantastic. There were some of the best dogs in the country competing in conformation and performance! I enjoyed the speakers, vendors and meeting new people and connecting with friends.

The only downside to this show and cluster is the time of year. It was a week before Christmas, which is such a busy time for all; airfare and everything else was astronomically expensive.


Sydney Good

Venice, Florida

I was disappointed with some of the breed judging and extremely disappointed with how the presentation, or lack of, was handled for the “Breeder of the Year” award!


Ken Murray

Island Lake, Illinois

It is a spectacular event. Between the AKC and the Royal Canin people, it is a huge undertaking, and they knock it out of the park!


Sylvia Arrowwood

Charleston, South Carolina

What a lame question to ask a Bulldogger. It was fantastic! Perfect!


Norma Hansburg

Walker Valley, New York

I thought Tom Davies did a great job on the Herding Group. I did not care for the Georgia Bulldog that went BIS — I am a Sooners fan.


Alan Santos

New Orleans, Louisiana

Same judges year to year.


Sulie Greendale-Paveza 

Fort Pierce, Florida

From a judge’s point of view, the whole week gives one the opportunity to evaluate some of the best dogs in the world, or attend seminars that are always well run, at a show that is run efficiently by the superintendents, club members and facility's staff. You get to see many, many friends and enjoy some delicious restaurant meals. Plus, walking 25,000 steps a day ... great exercise!

What's not to like?!


Jeanne Romanello

Fort Myers, Florida 

I loved the show — it was great! My only complaint was group rings not starting on time. I was in Toy NOHS and had to miss showing my puppy in the Puppy Group. Otherwise, it was a wonderful show with wonderful friends 




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