Sid Marx

Times change, but showing one's own dogs never gets old. Read More
Every show is comprised of many different elements: exhibitors, owners, stewards, superintendents, show committee, club officials and members, vendors, professional handlers, spectators and, of course, judges. In order for a show to be successful and enjoyable, all these disparate people need to... Read More

English Setter at a 1950s dog show. The sport has grayed substantially since then.
The graying of the sport really shows when trying to run a dog show. Read More
Should popular or showy breeds have a monopoly on winning? Read More
Sid Marx ponders how financial considerations affect our sport. Read More

"Put me in, coach!" But should we?
Sid Marx asks: Is it time for us to rethink our breed rosters?  Read More
Beat the extreme heat when our beloved dogs are concerned. Read More
Sid Marx takes a much-anticipated judging trip to the last frontier. Read More
Have you found your "sweet spot" in the sport? Read More


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