Winner of the 2018 AKC Royal Canin All Breed Puppy & Junior Stakes. Photo courtesy AKC.
Thu, 07/28/2022 - 11:20am

The Gossip Column: July 29, 2020

AKC announces judges of 2022 All Breed Puppy & Junior Stakes

The judging panel for the very popular AKC ROYAL CANIN NATIONAL ALL BREED PUPPY & JUNIOR STAKES has been announced. The judges are: Sporting Group, VALERIE NUNES-ATKINSON; Sporting breeds, VALERIE NUNES-ATKINSON & CLAY COADY; Hound Group, JAMES DONAHUE; Hound breeds, JAMES DONAHUE & LESLEY POTTS; Working Group, DIEGO GARCIA; Working breeds, DIEGO GARCIA & MICHAEL SHEPHERD; Terrier Group, ERNESTO LARA; Terrier breeds, ERNESTO LARA & AMY RUTHERFORD; Toy Group, TAMMIE SOMMERSON-WILCOX; Toy breeds, TAMMIE SOMMERSON-WILCOX & CESAR CORTES; Non-Sporting Group, PATRICIA PROCTOR; Non-Sporting breeds, PATRICIA PROCTOR & DAVID FITZPATRICK; Herding Group, JAMIE HUBBARD; Herding breeds, JAMIE HUBBARD & ALICE LAWRENCE. The event will be held on Friday, December 16, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. ...

CONNIE WAGNER is retiring from her longtime position as representative of PURINA® PRO PLAN® and a popular and familiar face at many dog shows that PURINA® supports. CONNIE will now have more time to devote to her grandchildren and of course her Dalmatians. All of us at DOG NEWS send our best wishes for a long and happy retirement. Following the well-attended and uplifting celebration of life for the late IRIS LOVE, held the Monday of the Westminster Kennel Club, ANNE RADICE has reminded her friends that on the same day this week it’s the 53th anniversary of NEIL ARMSTRONG’S walk on the moon and IRIS’ discovery of the TEMPLE OF APHRODITE at Knidos, Turkey. APHRODITE was the GODDESS OF LOVE and the MOON. Was it Kismet? Happy Birthday greetings to … PAM WINTERS, STUART MCGRAW, PEGGY LLOYD, MARI-BETH O’NEILL, TIM ROBBINS, TIM JAMES, RANDY KUBACZ, LEE WALKER, HARRY STILES, LAURA COOMES, JAMIE LAMPHIER, MINNA KOLTES, JAMIE DANBURG, ANGIE LLOYD, CARISSA SHIMPENO, DANIEL SANCHEZ, VICKI HOLLOWAY,GIUSEPPE RENZULLI, JEFFREY LYNN BRUCKER, MARJORIE TUFF, ELLEN COTTINGHAM, PAULA NYKIEL, TODD CLYDE, CHERYL GREEN, HECTOR FARIAS, SHEILA DINARDO, VANDRA HUBER, SUZIE SCHAEFER, PAM DESROSIERS, RACHEL WIEDER, MARY CLEGG, DENNIS O’CONNOR, MARC RALSKY, CORREEN PACHT-RALSKY, PRUDENCE HLATKY, PAT RODGERS, MARY INDEGLIA, SEAN GAFFNEY & RYAN GAFFNEY.


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