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Editorial: September 25, 2020

30 Under 30, Philadelphia is a go, Happy Birthday Frank Sabella


30 UNDER 30


This unrequested time caused by COVID-19 that prevented many of us from working did give us time to pause and think about the future. The growth of our sport has diminished and we look to the youth to carry us forward. There are some very loyal and dedicated younger breeders and handlers, and so in the next issue of DOG NEWS we will honor the good works of those 30 UNDER 30. We selected the age of 30 and we were delighted and surprised by the number of talented people who fall into this category. Their dedication to the sport should be recognized, and we encourage them to continue on this path. They are the future and caretakers of their respective interests within the sport. If you know a person under 30 who fits this description, please send a photograph and small biography of them to info@dognews.com. We look forward to publishing this special feature and hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed researching and compiling it.




The Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the only dog show featuring purebred dogs on network television, will be held this year. As many of you know, this dog show is taped for broadcast on Thanksgiving Day following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year’s show, like most other events, has been altered to fit the restrictions caused by COVID-19. There are state and local restrictions, and all of these had to be addressed before any decision to hold the show could be made. The Kennel Club of Philadelphia is no exception. So, with much discussion and planning, the club will hold one show over two days limited to 400 dogs, with 200 dogs judged each day. Unlike past years, all entrants must be Champions of Record and there will be no benching, vendors or spectators. It will be held on November 14th and 15th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The two companion shows that precede the Kennel Club of Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday will not be held. It’s not an ideal situation, but a temporary one that lets the show go on and gives our sport some well-deserved public attention.




Happy 91st Birthday. What can be said about Frank that hasn’t already been said? He’s done it all – professional dancer, professional handler, multiple group judge, noted and respected around the world and one of the few who has enjoyed the ultimate success in the Westminster Kennel Club as its Best in Show winner and judge. Frank is not a big talker by phone or any other modern means of communication, but I’m sure he would love to hear from his friends by mail. He can be reached at Coronado Heights Senior Living, Room 208, 2320 Lone Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89183.



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