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The Kennel Club of Philadelphia gets the green light for the 2020 edition of its famous Thanksgiving Day dog show. Read More
Some judges are taking to the mostly empty skies, with varying degrees of trepidation. Read More
Living with COVID, and remembering September 11. Read More
After much ado, AKC debuts its new comparison-shopping page. Our readers chime in with the announcements they wish they had heard. Read More

The famous Irish Setter Ch. Milson O’Boy.
As a student of dogs, I always look for ways to learn more about not only the history of breeds, but the history of the sport of dogs. Read More
In Michael Faulkner's first judging assignment post-COVID, everything old is new again. Read More
The charity established for members of the sport will contnue to pay premiums to those who qualified through December 2020. Read More
Illinois cluster cancelled after unnamed fancier calls in complaint. Read More
It's hard to grasp the justification for AKC's layoffs this spring, much less the refusal to bring all of those folks back to work now. Read More
Our sport is not just what we do – it is who we are. Read More


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