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Question of the Week

Now that the governor of Florida has lifted all restrictions for the state, has it changed your opinion about attending the AKC National Championship this December?


Ann McCormick
Jensen Beach, Florida

The lifting of all restrictions makes it even more unlikely that we will attend. Lifting of some restrictions earlier in the year by our governor fueled a surge of COVID-19 that lasted through the summer here in Florida.



Anne Marie Kubacz
Jackson, New Jersey

I applaud the governor's decision. This virus is not magically disappearing.    

If people wear masks, diligently wash their hands and/or use sanitizer and social-distance, they can avoid infection. I am someone who still decontaminates every piece of food we buy, every package, all our mail, every food delivery, literally anything I touch. I decontaminate a chair before I sit in it. I was terrified in the spring; I do not take this virus lightly. But I feel confident that my family and I can stay safe with diligence.  

The negative effect on people's livelihoods and mental health cannot be denied. It's time to regain some sense of community in a safe way in every state. I have confidence in the dog-show community; all circuits that have gone forward have not resulted in illness or death.

I look forward to working at the show again for streaming video. I’m also looking forward to time at Disney World, another great example of a company opening with excellent protocols in place at their theme parks, hotels, shops and restaurants.



Barbara Burns 

Freeport, Illinois

I may not go to Orlando for the dog shows and seminars in December now. The numbers in Florida are rising, and the lack of safety from this horrible virus is too dangerous to take chances.

I will watch and see if the numbers continue to climb.



Louis Krokover

Sherman Oaks, California

At the moment, even though Florida’s governor has opened the state, we are located in California and we still do not have any shows other than specialties.

We are still concerned regarding traveling and being inside a convention center with lots of people. Even with social distancing, the show is still very crowded. Then we have to eat – last year (which we attended) every restaurant was overbooked and crowded.

Shuttles and other car services also have us worried.

We will not make the final decision until November. If nothing changes, then maybe ...



Barbara Dillon

Elyria, Ohio

I haven’t attended any dog shows since the pandemic started. I feel it isn’t worth the risk. I understand dog shows are people’s livelihoods, but as an exhibitor, I just don’t feel it’s worth a ribbon that I can get when this is more under control. I’ve also heard that judges aren’t sanitizing their hands in between dogs after AKC listed that in their best practices for dog shows. I can’t believe it would be possible to host an event of that size and keep everyone safe, especially when auto shows, state fairs, etc., have been cancelled this year. 



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